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Important Upcoming Google Updates to Consider!

With 2017 right around the corner, it’s easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit and neglect to keep track of your SEO strategy. However, digital trends are evolving in the next few months, and paying keen attention to these evolutions in Google will put you a step ahead of your competition. This change will revolve around personalization and visitor experience; neglecting these two key factors will result in some unwanted side-effects from Google. Read about the upcoming changes to Google below!


  • Analytics is Evolving

“Session Quality Scores” is being rolled out to Google Analytics very soon. This score will help to predict the chances of a visitor from Google converting. Knowing your session quality score will help you create a higher quality customer experience.

Another feature called “Split Index” will also be rolled out in the next couple of weeks. This feature will help data analysts and digital marketers split their desktop and mobile analytics completely. With mobile visitors making up about 60% of traffic, this will be immensely helpful to understanding our ever evolving digital world.


  • Google Optimize

Google Optimize was originally available in Google Analytics 360 Suite, and it allows marketers to fully test multiple versions of their website. This gives them the opportunity to uniquely tailor their website for individual visitors, thus enhancing the overall user experience on their website.

Google Optimize is highly specialized for Google Analytics, and will give you the most accurate insights about where your website needs to improve. The targeting tools will allow you to tailor your website experience to all unique visitors.


  • GTM Update

Google Task Manager is already a very versatile tool that helps marketers make informed and relevant changes to their website via different “tags”. GTM will be adding 20 new tags, such as the Twitter and Bing tag. These new additions might open up a world of information for marketers, and help them curate their content to relevant audiences.

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