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The Importance of Emotion in Online Marketing

Whether it is multimedia or written content, viral campaigns are known to effectively evoke the feelings of their target audience. Marketing campaigns and tactics that play on an audience’s heartstrings and feelings are considered the most effective schemes because if they are able to appeal to the emotions of their market, then they have effectively influenced them.

Humans feel first and think second so when they are emotionally affected, their thinking process changes. The spectrum of emotion is huge and content can be created to instill nostalgia, empathy, or power in someone.

Keep reading below for tips on how you can instill emotion into your company’s online marketing content.

Pull on Heartstrings

One of the most popular ways to attract people to your content and brand is to push stories of inspiration. Inspiration motivates readers to feel more positive, enlightened, and generates an overall sense of happiness. Examples of this could be seeing students achieving international success with their scientific breakthroughs or a progression video of someone’s art. This could be a great way to market your product as it showcases the hard work and dedication behind the creation.

Another way to pull on heartstrings is to use stories of people’s previous regrets and experience which will get viewers feeling empathetic and compassionate towards the story. This can be used to market a brand’s history and what they stand for.

Leverage FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

This concept is great when it comes to pop culture and youth-related products and/or services. Whether it is an incredible opportunity or a staple go-to product you are marketing, promoting the demand will help develop a sense of excitement.

The idea behind this tactic is to make the demand seem so persistent and on such a high-level that the target market will feel obligated to take part in fear of missing out on a great opportunity.

Go Beyond Happiness and Sadness

Instead of focusing on broad emotions to bring to your writing or visuals, tap into specific feelings to captivate your reader. You want to appear unique as a brand or organization.

For example, having a product that brings back nostalgia will be much more specific than an item that produces happiness or a company that focuses on the passion for the business rather than one that capitalizes on their profit margin.

The niche emotions are what will differentiate you from others and give you a competitive advantage while marketing.

Sell Experiences

When it comes to providing products or services for your market, you want to ensure you use emotions tied in with specific experiences when you sell to succeed. Provide more than a functional product or an excellent service.

Experiences are harder to replicate and they allow you to stand out. Use the emotion that you bring within your writing and multimedia and produce a remarkable marketing platform.

As more companies are jumping on the online marketing bandwagon, you want to ensure that your brand is finding a way to stay unique. Contact us today to learn about how you can make the best out of your digital marketing strategy.

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