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How To Quickly Boost Your SEO Plan [PART 1]

If you’re looking for some simple tips and tricks to boost your SERP and SEO rankings, we’ve got a treat for you! SEO typically requires a very specific set of steps and tactics, uniquely tailored to suit the needs of a specific company. While this still remains true, there are a few small steps you can take to boost your SEO rankings efficiently. While these tactics might not do much on their own, when they are combined with an SEO strategy created specifically for your brand, they will create significant results that may not have appeared otherwise.

Interested in using our sure-fire tips for helping you reach your target SERP while also putting your website in the front and center of your audience? Read more below!

Make Your Tags Count

Keyword research is crucial to any SEO plan or strategy. Online marketing would crumble quickly without it. However, larger websites sometimes have troubles doing thorough SEO adjustments on each and every page on their site. If this is the case, you can perform a “lite” version of site-wide optimization. Make sure to optimize your tags on each page for SEO purposes. This includes your title, description, H1 as well as other headings, and alternative tags.

This is a quick step that can easily bump your pages up a few notches, according to Google. This remains true for websites of all sizes; make sure each pages has their tags optimized and you will see results!

Little Content Is Better Than No Content

Some websites are harder than others when it comes to ensuring that each page has some textual content on it. E-commerce websites sometimes show no content on their sub-category pages, for example. For websites like these, owners might argue that the product image itself shouldn’t be cluttered with text, unless need be. However, having no content on product pages could be an immediate red flag for potential customers, and could also drive new customers away who are in the “research phase” of their purchasing. Content does not have to be extensive on these pages; instead, create a simple, one paragraph explanation of your product to insert under the product image. This will keep your images untouched and also offer information to those who seek it.

Duplicated Pages

Certain web developing strategies and programing can, unfortunately, cause some duplicate content on your website. When this happens, your system is creating multiple links with duplicated content being displayed to the world- and Google.

Why is this an issue? Duplicate content, whether it be duplicated from another website or internally, is not a good indicator of relevance to Google bots. This might be something that you will have to work with a web developer to fix. As this would imply, never copy and paste content from one page to another. This is duplicated content that will cause a dip in your search engine rankings.

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