How To Execute the Best Strategies This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching. For some, it means getting all the decorations out and enjoying the festivities, for others it’s a chance to take a break and go on a much-needed vacation. For marketers, it’s a chance to push some creative boundaries and aid businesses with their branding efforts and ultimately, generating some leads. Due to the increase in consumers close to the holidays, brands use this as an opportunity to further push their products/services. Online marketing consultants (like us!) aid businesses with expanding their reach, creating relative and impactful holiday content, and eventually, generating profit.

While the holiday season is a great time for businesses to really show off their authentic, personable side, it is important to still keep into consideration the long-term goals of the business and not stray away from the core values instilled. Marketing consultants prepare for high-volume seasons well in advanced and have vast knowledge on the do’s and don’ts of marketing during the holidays. Outlined here are some do’s and don’t when it comes to your businesses holiday marketing strategy.


Remain consistent

As mentioned, the holiday season is a great time for businesses to show another side of them online, however, this doesn’t mean doing a complete 180. If a business that maintains a serious and professional tone online suddenly starts sharing memes and making an onslaught of jokes, there is an obvious breach of authenticity. Consumers may feel as if the business is changing solely to gain some traction and profit for the holiday season, which could result in loss of potential and current clients.

Marketers know how to craft and execute a holiday strategy that shows another side of a brand/business without straying away from the core value. The message put forth in December should still shine through in January. Have fun and be creative online during the holiday season, but don’t shy away from your long-term intentions and goals.


Plan ahead (way ahead)

Many start thinking about the holidays closer to the end of November or early December, however, marketers have already considered holiday strategies months prior. Preparing way in advance allows for an easier transition into the actual holiday season itself. Trying to create videos, ads, content, strategies, calendars, etc, takes a lot of time. Rushing to finish everything last minute can lead to missing key components or lack of quality. Planning out of holiday marketing strategy well in advance will ensure you don’t miss anything and you are delivering valuable, quality content to your audience.


Don’t become engulfed by the holiday season

Beautiful lights adorn homes, festive drinks and snacks are unveiled everywhere you turn, cheer is seemingly everywhere, it can be difficult to not get caught up in everything the holiday season has to offer. While this is harmless in the real world, it can have some negative ramifications in the online world. Spreading some lighthearted holiday cheer while simultaneously upkeeping with your business goals is great, however, don’t push it. The last thing your audience wants to see is a barrage of tweets from your business selling your product/service. Even if your industry heavily relies on holiday sales, it’s important to remain consistent and only post what is valuable to the consumer. Always think quality over quantity.

When it comes to holiday marketing strategies, there are so many great benefits and the increase in consumers looking to quickly purchase products/services for their loved ones, it’s important to showcase what your business has to offer. Remain genuine, have fun with it, and always provide value for your audience; this is a sure-fire mix that will help you truly benefit you and your business this holiday season.


Need help creating and executing your business online holiday marketing strategies? We have your back! Contact us today and get started on your way to a successful holiday campaign!

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