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How Roundup Posts Can Build Your Link Accumulation

Roundup posts are any easy way to gain exposure and links. How do you join a roundup post? How is networking a crucial component to utilizing roundup posts? Find out here.

Every so often, we at 360 will receive an email from a content marketer who is interested in working on a round-up style blog post. Roundup-style blog posts are a versatile way to not only build up quality content, but also have a steady list of experts, resources, and tools at your disposal. Marketers especially appreciate roundup posts, as they are a way to draw attention through links and shares.

  • How To Find Roundups

Using roundups is easy, thanks to Google search. Simply search ‘ “intitle:roundup” + {your topic}’. From here, you can search through your results until you find a list you would like to be a part of, it is time to start networking.

  • The Power of Networking

Subscribe or follow the roundup posts for a while, and be an active participant by commenting and sharing their posts. This will help you build a more trusting relationship. With this, the roundup creators will be much more likely to respond to your outreach, because they can see your constant loyalty.

By constantly sharing and commenting, you are setting the audience up for a higher precedence for your blog, You will come across as a high quality promotor, which could be the selling point in including you in their roundup. This kind of networking will help solidify their trust in you, and thus could result in your inclusion in their roundup.

  • Share Something That Matters

If you get accepted in being included in a roundup, make sure to have something worth sharing. Make it high quality content that is valuable to the readers, or else you risk not being included in another roundup post.

  • What To Do After?

Once you have been added to a roundup, do not stop networking. Make sure to leave a comment, share the post, and promote its success. Not only is this good for your role in the roundup, it leaves a positive impression in the author.

And, as always, do not forget to say thank you!

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