Healthcare Marketing: Growing Your Practice With Strong Digital Marketing!

Healthcare marketing has helped medical practices adapt and grow with their communication process, utilizing creative and concise ways to care for patients in need of care. With an effective healthcare marketing strategy, your medical practice will be able to educate new and existing patients that may have discovered you online. 

360 Marketing is a digital marketing agency that utilizes new technology and advanced metrics to improve your overall digital presence and brand awareness. We’re a specialized medical marketing agency that has worked with a variety of practices and businesses, delivering consistent results every time. If you’re a healthcare provider running a well-functioning practice, contact us today to learn how we can help improve your online presence and reach a whole new audience. 

Healthcare marketing should be clear and concise, but also engaging to prospective patients. We will go over some of the reasons why digital healthcare marketing is important in growing your practice and some strategies to kickstart its development.  

Why Is Medical Marketing Important To Grow Your Practice?

Successful medical marketing campaigns are an important aspect of growing your medical practice because it creates more opportunities to reach out to new patients and improve patient care. It often starts with developing comprehensive marketing and communication strategies that can be utilized between healthcare providers, organizations, and their patients. From here, medical practices can deliver valuable content and resources to patients using customized websites, social media, SEO, email marketing, paid advertising, video campaigns, and so much more. 

The goal of medical marketing is to develop and execute marketing strategies and content aimed at engaging and educating patients through digital advertising and content proliferation. When thinking about ways to market your practice, adopt a patient-centric approach because it can help you focus on who the patient is, what information is relevant for them, and what they care about. This will lead you to build a trusting and reliable relationship with both old and new patients. 

Healthcare is always evolving and the marketing methods to convey your brand are changing as well. Accurate information and education should be at the forefront of your medical marketing efforts. The industry is also competitive, as making your practice stand out gets more challenging as larger medical systems come into the mix.

Good medical marketing will increase your online visibility and presence and make your practice unique from your competitors. It will also have a positive effect on your local search engines, social media platforms, and review boards. 

Why Are Google Reviews Important For Your Medical Practice?

For any established medical practice, reviews on Google can help boost credibility and trust with people around your local area. It can be a key part in appealing to new patients, but can also work against you if there are too many negative reviews. 

Consider that around 72% of patients in 2019 used online reviews as the first step in finding a new doctor. 88% of people trust online Google reviews as much as word-of-mouth recommendations. Google reviews are essentially user-generated content that will personalize your marketing efforts and help display your brand prominently on search engines and social media. 

Patients want a general perspective of your medical practice and regardless if the reviews are positive or negative, they want to know if your business is worth their time. If you do encounter a negative review, do not be afraid to address the criticism and listen to what the disgruntled patient has to say. Your online response will demonstrate to other online viewers how you deal with your patients.  

Google reviews are ultimately an important aspect of marketing for your medical practice, However, there are some other strategies you can apply as well. 

What Are Some Marketing Strategies That Will Rapidly Boost Your Medical Practice?

There are plenty of marketing strategies to implement in order to boost your practice’s appeal to new patients. Although there are countless examples, here are some of the most important ones that need your focus.  

Creating a new, responsive website can help patients easily discover your practice online. Different pages should be made to be easily navigated and engaged with, especially on mobile devices like phones and tablets. When working with our marketing team, we will install customized features (like a contact page or booking system) and fast web page optimization to ensure a smooth web browsing experience. We’ll also help you add relevant content like blog posts about the health conditions you treat or procedures you perform. 

SEO is another important aspect of medical marketing strategies. It utilizes relevant keywords and phrases in conjunction with the structure of web pages and images for optimal searchability. This is all done to ensure your medical practice is the first result that pops up in a Google search. Competitive keywords and consistent SEO research will make sure your practice stays at the top of Google’s search results page. 

Improve the online presence of your medical practice today by contacting 360 Marketing. Work with our team now to learn how we can help you bring in more patients and create long-lasting growth for your medical business.  

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