The Guide to Delegating SEO-Based Tasks

If you’re a digital marketing manager, part of a marketing team, or the sole provider of SEO effort, you know the importance of keeping up with your company’s projects and services. If you are working in a team, meaningful conversations about your SEO goals and tasks is the key to effective delegation of digital marketing projects. Need a guideline to managing your SEO efforts? Read our blog below, and stay on top of all projects and tasks in your work environment!


  • Creating a Deadline

When assigning a project or task, do not be vague in terms of when it should be completed. A reliable digital marketer will utilize the time given and make the most of out it. As always, make sure to leave enough time to review and send for changes; you know your delegate better than anyone else, so you can decide how much auditing time is needed for this specific project.


  • Be Clear on the Output

For projects, make sure to clearly outline the format in which you need your deliverables. This can save precious time later, when an employee learns that the video they created needs to be in .mov format. Get this out of the way at the start!


  • Hour Expectation

Outlining your expected hours in a project is particularly useful if you are delegating a  Junior or new employee. How long do you expect this project to take from the start to the end? You also need to factor in the experience level of the employee; if this is their first time working with a particular SEO task, it will likely take them longer than a more seasoned veteran in digital marketing.


  • Provide any Relevant Materials Needed

Delegating a Junior employee in SEO doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you provide them with the materials and tools needed for success. Make sure to include any research materials you have available that they can use to expand their knowledge on the assigned task. This will help turn the project into a learning experience, as well!


  • Communicate Throughout the Whole Process

Make sure to perform regular check-ins with your employee during the process of project completion. They may have questions or concerns that they are too nervous to bring up organically. This allows you both to have open conversations about the progress of the project. However, make sure to space apart your check-ins; micromanagement and overbearing delegation will result in negative results.

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