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Google Search is Evolving: Adwords Companies Take Note

Google is changing everyday at a rate where it will soon be nearly unrecognizable. Recently, Google has responded to the changing technologies and search behaviours of its audience, and the move away from classic “desktop Googling” has big implications for businesses and AdWords companies alike.

Search Behaviours Are Evolving

“Searching” means something much different than it did only a few years ago. Today, users leverage GPS devices, wearables, smart devices, and entire operating systems for their search efforts, which are often conducted on the go. People want information on the fly from a variety of devices and access points, and business owners will need to find ways to play along if they want their brand to thrive.

One of the biggest changes to search has to do with voice technology. Rather than Googling search queries for pizza delivery, users can speak into their Apple Watch or ask Siri. This change will drastically affect Google’s traditional revenue stream of sidebar ads, with the overriding message here being that AdWords companies need to evolve their process. You may have noticed the eliminated of AdWords on the right side of desktop search results – and that’s only the beginning.

The Google Monster is Morphing

Google’s traditional source of AdWords revenue may be now threatened, but the agile industry giant is making adjustments, launching apps and operating systems, creating physical products like Android Wear and Google Glass, and launching a mobile-first strategies to keep up with the times.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the new assets Google is rolling out to keep pace with our evolving search behaviours:

  • Google App Streaming is a way for third-party app creators to deliver their content to consumers as quickly as possible. It’s a great service, and it keeps Google in the loop by having them hosting and serving your product.


  • Google’s Physical Web is a service that considers user location to tailor search results to their specific needs.
  • Google Destinations gives users new end-to-end shopping experiences while travelling.


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