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Google Search Alterations Bring SEO Companies and Social Media Marketers Together

Google’s various search algorithms include Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. These algorithms influence almost all online searches. These algorithms sort out negative searches, also known as sites filled with keywords, copied content, and controlled hyperlinks. Therefore, the pressure is on for higher search rankings as relevancy and originality of content is of crucial importance.

Building links is changing, and SEO (search engine optimization) is considered to be out. Content marketing is now the main focus. Google does not release information regarding how they measure activity on websites. However, it is assumed that search rankings are based on context of content. Therefore, if content is written by a known writer, it will rank higher. SEO analysts also believe that Google’s updated algorithms take user’s activity with the content into consideration. This could include time spent on a given site and organic links.

Social media requires human attention and creativity. SEO is focused on numbers, social media demands humans be perceived as people, not as statistics. Businesses that are using a content focused strategy are doing very well. To promote and maintain a brand you need to have the ability to create quality content. A SEO team is unable to offer all of the factors needed to create quality content marketing.

Google’s algorithm alterations make Google’s search more user friendly. Users are searching using questions and complete phrases instead of typing in keywords. Content marketers need to keep up with the content demand while retaining SEO.

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