Google Released a Mobile Friendly Update. Is Your Site Ready?

The highly anticipated mobile friendly update from Google has officially launched! This update has been nicknamed “Mobilegeddon”, but don’t let the name scare you. This update optimizes Google for use on smart phones and tablets.

How does the Mobilegeddon update affect my site?

It favours sites with easy to read, large text, ensures search results include easy to click links, and reconstructs the optimization of web sizes for smaller devices. Websites that are not up to mobile standards may see a dip in rankings. Don’t see a change? Do not immediately assume your site has been unaffected. Google has stated that it could take up to a week for all changes to be up-to-date.

Having an easily navigable web page for your business is crucial.

With the extreme prevalence of mobile use for all facets of internet searching, it comes as no surprise that your companies website should be optimized for mobile use to guarantee success. This is even more crucial after the Mobilegeddon update. Even top conglomerates are seeing a dip in their Google rankings, for the sole reason that they do not offer mobile versions of their website.

What do I do if I’ve been negatively affected by Mobilegeddon?

If you see a sink in your rankings after Google’s Mobilegeddon update, there are some quick actions you can take to help boost your website.

  • Make sure your website is readable without having to zoom on mobile devices
  • have buttons and icons that are big enough and easy to use on mobile and touch screens
  • Optimize your website to have a fast loading speed

The aim of this update is to ensure you are providing your clients and customers with ideal browsing conditions. These small changes will not only help you and your website succeed, but it will also helping your Google ranking, win-win!

Make sure to test your site!

Google offers a great way to quickly and easily test your websites for mobile-friendliness. All you need to do is visit Google’s Mobile Friendly Test and enter your website.

You will be given points on how you can improve the mobile browsing experience of your website, which will help your Google rankings prosper.

This update does not have to mean you will lose visitors to your website, in fact, it might mean the opposite. Remember, you’re not the only company being affected by this update, so take advantage of the fact that some of your competitors may also be playing catch-up. Clean up your design to pristine browsing potential and beat them to the punch!

*It is important to note that while this update only affects search results made on mobile platforms, the rise of mobile usage for searching has gone up exponentially. Catering to both types of platforms is the key to success here.

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