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Google Marketing Companies Excited by Bidding Tool Developments: 2 New Ways to Boost your Business

Last month, Google released two new bidding tools that could affect the way Google marketing company campaigns operate.

The new target CPA bid simulator and target opt-in recommendation tools offer automated bidding suggestions that Google marketing companies can incorporate into their SEO strategies.

As a partnered Google marketing company in Markham, 360 Business Local has the scoop on these new developments. Read on to learn about these brand new bidding tools.

The Target CPA Simulator is somewhat self-explanatory, and is probably familiar to some readers. Announced during this spring’s Inside AdWords livestream, this tool estimates how target CPA adjustments affect conversions. The tool lets you play with the target CPA to generate projections about your cost and conversion return. These estimates are calculated using performance information from the previous week, and do not incorporate budget restrictions.

The target opt-in recommendations tools helps you calibrate your target performances when it’s time to apply your target CPA or target ROAS (Return on Ad-Spend) bid strategy to campaigns. Crunching data from the last two weeks’ CPA or ROAS results, Google will suggest targets for you. The bidding engine is meant to sustain your historical performance while also increasing revenue and conversions based on previous targets.

These new bidding tools have serious implications for Google marketing campaigns; they can be used to give your business a significant boost if put into the right hands.

If you are looking for expert advice on how to make the most of these new Google changes, contact our head office in Markham today. We are an online marketing company with Google partner status, and can answer any questions you may have regarding these exciting developments. Visit to learn more. 


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