Google Guaranteed Ads: What Are They And How Can They Help?

Google is always working hard to do everything in their power to make the lives of their users easier. Their most recent endeavor, Google Guaranteed Ads for Home Services, is a program that allows for businesses in the Home Services industry to become verified with a  “Google Guaranteed” badge. When users look up your business or a word/phrase associated with your business, upon your business popping up, users will also see this badge next to it. This badge allows the users to see that your business is a verified and reputable place. The badge is used to list companies that are endorsed by Google, creating leads and ultimately revenue for the company.

The Google Guarantee is a beta program that Google has introduced to promote local businesses on local Google searches. It connects them directly to local customers and book jobs for both consumers and businesses.  The program endorses and vouches for companies in the Home Services field, guaranteeing that your company will do the job perfectly, or they will personally refund the consumer up to $2,000. The Google Guaranteed program aids with both sites of the party; consumer and the party providing the necessary services. This program gives users a sense of confidence and security when utilizing a verified business, not only due to the fact that Google itself recognizes the business as a reputable source, but also the guarantee provided should the services or product not provide full satisfaction. For the business, being Google Guaranteed could mean more people book services/buy products from your business simply because you have proven yourself to be professional providers, ergo, the opportunity to increase leads is high.

To become Google Guaranteed, Google does an in-depth investigation into your company. They make sure that your company is licensed and insured and perform a pre-screening as per their requirements. The process is quite simple. Your business must be listed on Google and once listed, you fill out the application, sign up, and simply waits for Google to verify your business as a guaranteed vendor. The most impressive part about this new Google feature is that you don’t pay Google until a lead has been developed. With that being said, the vendors that have been google guaranteed have reported an insane 1800% increase in sales. Yes, you read that right. 1800%. Although the beta is only available in certain cities right now, with proven success, it will surely expand to a plethora of other cities. 

For the consumer, this is an amazing feature. The Google Guarantee provides them peace of mind and ensures that the company they hire isn’t going to do a complete botch job and even if they do, they’re covered for the job invoice amount. The consumer has up to 30 days to file their claim, once the claim has been filed, Google will do an investigation into the job – following up with the company hired and the user to see what went wrong and how they can mend the problem and decide on a resolution.

As Google continues to grow, they continue to up their advertising processes. The Google Guarantee is just the start in the direction that Google is growing in. Make sure your online presence is up to par and you’re staying up to date with marketing trends. If you’re looking to stay on top of Google trends and have a strong, lead-generating, online presence, reach out to us and we’ll work out a plan specifically created for your business.

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