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Google Display Network Explained

What is the Google Display Network?
The Google Display Network (GDN) is a network of websites that have space for your advertisement. The GDN uses precise marketing methods including contextual and audience targeting to reach audiences and deliver results to users and advertisers. The GDN is a simple and practical way to advertise on an abundance of topic-specific websites, video sites and blogs.

Why is it beneficial to advertise online?
Advertising online has the ability to reach customers through ad placements across millions of websites. Customers do a lot of considering, purchasing, and referring brands via online networks & social media. 95% of users’ time is spent viewing content on sites.

Why choose GDN?
When you choose the GDN for advertising, you get to choose exactly where your ads appear – news sites, blogs and niche websites are some examples. Use different formats such as text, rich media ads, and videos to engage users. By combining search ads with display ads, you get more conversions. GDN provides clear reporting on all aspects of your campaign. You choose the pricing model that works for you and suits your goals.

How much does it cost?
There are structures in place in order to control your costs, an auction systems means you bid for every ad spot, meaning competitive pricing. At most, you will only pay 1 cent more than the minimum necessary to keep your spot on a page.

There are 2 pricing models:

CPM – Cost-per-thousand impressions. You only pay when your ad appears 1,000 times.
Why use this method? For campaigns aimed at increasing your visibility and to track metrics including but not limited to impressions, reach, frequency and search uplift.

CPC – Cost-per-click. You only pay when a user clicks on your advertisement and visits your website.
Why use this method? Used for campaigns where you care about clicks. This allows you to track metrics like sales, leads, and sign ups.

What types of ads are there?
Text ads, standard image (JPEG, SWF or GIF), standard flash, rich media flash, in-unit video and video ads including click to play, cost-per-click, cost-per-view and cost-per-thousand formats.

Ad sizes for Internet;

Internet Ad

Mobile Ads & Sizes;
Everyday more people are using their smart phones to browse the internet and make or research purchases. Put your ads in front of them with mobile advertising on the GDN. Once you have created your ad, it can be shown on smart phones and tablets or even WAP enabled devices with smaller screens.

mobile ads

The Google Display Network works to target the right customers for you using demographics, lifestyle, psycho-graphics and behaviour. As well as engage past site visitors with re-marketing. The GDN sends the right message to prospective customers by layering contextual targeting with audience targeting at the right moments to attracts users when they are in the right mindset.

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