Google Algorithms – What You Need To Know

The last year has brought many changes to Google’s algorithms. We saw updates for Penguin and Panda, as well as the entrance of Hummingbird.

SEO was thought of as a dying breed, but Google has shifted the playing field. Google has taken big steps towards spam fighting which benefits SEO specialists as well as people who are trying to get their website known.

In recent years, online exposure for companies has become imperative as it is highly competitive. You should work with a team of SEO professionals that are experienced in this area. As Google’s algorithms keep updating, SEO professionals should be able to anticipate the moves and then respond to them effectively. A never ending game of SEO chess.

What you should focus on;

Google believes that high quality content is extremely important, and they support companies that are making a strong effort in content marketing.

In the social media world, you should be active on multiple platforms. Targeting your potential clients requires diversity in platforms. Don’t limit yourself to Facebook and Twitter. Engage on Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and especially Google+.

Mobile websites are extremely important. As most searches occur on smartphones and tablets, your website needs to be mobile friendly as your sites performance affects your SEO rankings.

The length of content depends on many factors including who is reading your content, what is it about and in what context is it being consumed. There is no better in the long vs short battle, but minimum desirable length is roughly 500 words.

Guest blogging has increased in popularity and is effective in increasing traffic and brand exposure. Again, the content created must be of high quality, original and relevant.

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