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Get More Conversions with 5 Product Page Optimization Tips

If your business runs on product sales, then product pages will be the most important part of your website. Fancy homepages, thoughtful “About Us” content, and accessible contact information are all critical pieces of the puzzle, but nothing should outshine (or out-prioritize!) your product pages. They’re your “money maker,” after all.

This might seem obvious, but a surprising number of SEO and AdWords companies continue to market their clients’ signature products using suboptimal product pages. It’s a common mistake that costs business owners big money.

Today, we discuss some strategies SEO, digital marketing, and Adwords companies can use to increase product page conversions.

  • Host reviews. Savvy brand reputation strategists tell their clients to host reviews on-site whenever possible. This not only shows your audience that you’re listening to what they have to say: it also gives you a level of reputation control you don’t have when they go to public sites like Yelp. Hosting positive reviews on your product page is an excellent way to generate conversions, but make sure that you allow only authentic reviews. Fake reviews are easy to spot and will kill your credibility, so be honest and transparent here for best results. 
  • Punch up product titles. Nobody appreciates being click-baited into a link, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time on catchy titling. Some SEO and AdWords companies make the mistake of overemphasizing search engine wants: they saturate product titles with keyword modifiers to squeeze out every iota of ranking power. In doing so, they may get a bit more search engine attention, but they’re costing themselves a lot of real human traffic. Titles are important for attracting search crawlers, but they’re also your first chance to appeal to your real audience. Make sure your titles are catchy, relevant, and informative at 65 characters or less, and don’t waste time or character space with modifiers.
  • Maintain image quality standards. Use high-resolution images at all times. Low-quality product images will really hurt your conversion rates. The amount of interest you’ll arouse in viewers is almost directly proportional to the quality and clarity of your image, so go the extra mile when you can. Offer multiple angles of the same product and give the image slider a prominent position on the page.
  • Use videos whenever possible. We know that Google loves rich media, and videos are the pinnacle. Users spend an estimated 150% longer on product pages with video showcases. Even simply smartphone recordings of the owner or manufacturer explaining key selling points can help, but you may eventually inquire about investing part of your monthly budget into dedicated video production.
  • Let your imagination roam with product descriptions. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t copy and paste manufacturer descriptions on your website. This ruins a perfect opportunity to express your brand attitude, inject keywords, and otherwise capture the user’s interest. For websites with hundreds of products, limit descriptions to 60-80 words, with a “Learn More” option below to expand into a broader product description. This allows for a better product browsing experience, and forces you to distill the best parts of your product into a bite-sized, easily-absorbed piece of content.


If you’d like to learn more about landing page optimization, give us a call at (416)-619-7935, or visit our content development page to get more insight on how to polish a product page.

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