Free Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Do you own a new or small business, and are interested in trying some marketing tools? Many times, small businesses have a hard time justifying paying application or subscription costs for marketing automation tools, as the cost can be quite substantial. We’re here to give you some free solutions! To kick start your business, use our list of free marketing tools!

  • Screaming Frog

With the free version of Screaming Frog, you can crawl up to 500 pages on a website at no cost. If you are a new or startup business, it is likely that your website does not have over 500 pages, so this is a great tool for you. With Screaming Frog, you can find all broken links, audit your redirects, and identify pages with missing meta data, all at the touch of the button. This will make fixing up your website, especially for SEO, a breeze.

  • Siteliner

Need to quickly check your website for duplicate content? Siteliner is the site for you. The free version will have a limit on how many pages you can check, but it should be enough for most small businesses or startups. It’s as simple as pasting your site URL into the search bar, and pressing “go”. You will see very valuable information, such as your duplicate content, unique content, average page size and load time, number of words per page, and more! Check it out, it’s completely free!

  • Answer the Public

If you’re not the creative type, coming up with content subjects based on your keywords might seem daunting. Answer The Public is a great tool for content creators as it generates possibles topics for you! This is great, as it helps you target topics that your relevant audiences might be searching for!

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