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Digital Adoption Planning (SMB's)


Technology is the key to your company’s future success with 360!

At 360, we understand that you have put your heart and soul into your business. To stay ahead of the curve, you will need to rethink your technological strategies and operations to continue to move forward. We can help you focus on building your vital client relationships through a detailed assessment of your business. When you feel empowered, your client will notice and it will lead you to gain a competitive advantage.

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need online tools and mobile functionality that gives their clients fast and intuitive experiences. Our team is experienced in providing your businesses with a digital adoption plan for small and medium-sized businesses participating in the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology stream. 

Working closely with you, understanding your objectives for success, we help you examine and put into action the elements that will increase your leads. We will also assist you with distinguishing trouble spots and difficulties that can be diminished with powerful website rearrangement.

Why does your company need digital advisors?

The pandemic has changed the way Canadians conduct their business, with more enterprises boosting their sales online. We want to see your company grow, and in order to accelerate your success, you will need an effective digital adoption plan.

In collaboration with the federal government, we can work directly with you to recommend different digital pathways that will help you achieve your business goals. Our main objective is to give your SMB the same opportunities as the larger enterprise and to help you integrate into a strong digital marketing ecosystem. At 360, we can help you embrace the ever-changing digital landscape with customized help.

As website consultants, we are equipped to help you within all areas of your efficinets, from computerized procedures, innovation receptions, administrative plans and SEO implementations that target the right client base. We manage all the parts of the government grant so you can solely focus on running your business successfully. Our team takes charge of all the planning, execution and overseeing any other elements while ensuring that we are within the allocated budget and timeframe.

We execute government funding with your objectives in mind!

We have a meticulous process that can guarantee you your results. 360 follows 6 vital steps when evaluating your SMD enterprise. They include:

  • Identifying capabilities. We will undergo a fair assessment of your website, analyzing your current digital tools and process.
  • Pinpointing the tools needed for growth. We will advise you on areas that can be improved to support your company’s advancement.
  • Building a roadmap. We provide you with an accurate timeline on how long the changes will take to implement.
  • Discover improvements. We suggest sustainable technology adjustments that will improve your KPI’s and increase your business’ client interaction.
  • Evaluate investments. Gain insight on how different technology upgrades will benefit your growth rate results.
  • Experience and neutrality. We will provide you with fair and impartial digital recommendations to ensure that our vision is aligned with the best interests of your company.

We can help you get in front of new prospects to keep you ahead of the competition. Our team is certified in assessing your website so that you can:

  • Stay compliant with government regulations
  • Leverage your website to grow your client base
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Find inefficiencies in your current processes that may deter conversions
  • Implement the use of digital marketing technology including social media management systems and financial education

Below is a more detailed description of the elements that should be included in the digital adoption plan.

Executive summary

Provide a high-level summary of the key elements of this plan for the SME, and how adopting new technologies will help the SME meet the SME’s client’s requirements, business imperatives and goals.

SME business and technology current state analyses

Key business information (e.g., sector, corporate structure, operations, value proposition, etc.).

Overview of the SME’s current business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

SME’s external issues (market, competition, business model) and future key business goals.

Key IS/IT information (infrastructure, applications, security and privacy compliance practices, technology staff and partners, integration between existing IS and IT solutions, etc.) and how these current technologies are efficient at helping the business deliver value to the SME clients and to the SME itself.

Will eCommerce Help My Business Grow?

Digital adoption analysis and recommendations

Identify a minimum of three potential digital/technology solutions for the SME to consider including how each of those solutions will benefit the SMEs business. Also align the prioritized digital solutions to the benefits it will bring to the SME.

Implementation roadmap

Identify the key elements to implement the recommended options including timeline, dependencies, costs to acquire the technology, etc.

Skill requirements

Identify the skills and competencies that the SME will need to possess to implement the top three digital solutions.

Key digital solution characteristics

Identify the high-level requirements to implement the top three solutions. High-level financial requirements, degrees of implementation complexity and change management these technologies will require of the SME.


Accelerating Your SMB!

The importance of an intuitive site experience for the client

There should always be a good reason behind why you want to redesign your website. Maybe you want to increase the number of visitors and clicks towards your website. Maybe you want to reduce the bounce rate or increase the amount of total new leads. Whatever reason or goal you have, you should make sure your objectives are dependent on one another. 

A newly designed website can work much faster on both desktop and mobile applications. They’ll also have enhanced SEO capabilities that will make your business more discoverable on search engines. We will advise you on any specialized website concerns and make it easier for the site user to navigate your pages; the more efficiencies you can implement on your website, the higher the chances of your progressing your lead conversion.

  • Give your SMB the advantage in your field with our digital consulting expertise

    Relying on the right counsel to help you regarding your business objectives will help you propel you further. While you will be focusing on running your business, we will do whatever it takes to enhance your client experience – whether that is through advising you on smart SEO practices, reducing your site’s loading time or converting leads. 

    We are experienced and knowledgeable to give your business the customized solutions that will give you the upper hand. Work with us today to develop a profitable business model and receive insights on how to improve your website processes.

    Contact 360 to help you strategize your company’s success in a highly-competitive marketplace.

Ready to get results sooner and accelerate your business to the top of the Google page? Call us at (416) 619-7935 today!

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