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Creating High Quality E-Commerce Pages

To craft high converting ecommerce pages, there are an endless amount of factors to consider. Want to maximize the profits from your ecommerce website, on your own? Creating highly search engine optimized pages is the key. To make your online business boom, read our article below, and see how you can create ecommerce pages with high conversion rates!


  • Keyword Saturation


Are you products names catered around high volume Google searches? If not, you are wasting a valuable resource to your website. If you use your brand in your product names, you can still combine SEO improving words into the names, alongside the brand. Getting creative and technical at the same time is the key to success with SEO and product names.


  • Non-text Content Optimisation


Google has one objective: to help the searcher find the solution to what they are searching for. If your product has videos or photos, the message of these medias might be crucial for Google to know (otherwise, they might not rank your product page as a result to a relevant search term). Make sure to have transcripts of any relevant videos to ensure Google see’s you and says “Hey! That guy is helpful to the searcher, make him show up!”. However, do not avoid having pictures of videos out of fear of damaging SEO; having a variety of different forms of media on your product page is a positive indicator to Google crawlers.


  • Encouraging Active Engagement with Relevance


Engagement on your ecommerce site occurs when a visitor from Google does not immediately click the “back button”; they find your website relevant to the search term they used. You need to ensure that the keywords you target are actually highly relevant to your content and products; if not, Google will see that visitors are not engaging with your website when being searched for ____, and will likely cause you to rank poorly.


  • The Importance of Backlinks


Having high quality backlinks is a great way to show Google that your website is also, by association, high quality. Links that come from press (these can range from blogs to high traffic directories) are highly valuable. Build partnerships, link your suppliers, and encourage fans to leave links in their reviews; backlinks from different domains are also key.

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