Content Marketing Suitability: Is Blogging Right for You?

Producing original and innovative blog content is one of the most effective ways of establishing your online market presence. A high-quality blog will garner you increased traffic, a vastly expanded audience, improved engagement, and establish you as a market authority. The benefits of blogging for SEO improvement are well known, and the consistent benefit they offer for businesses cannot be ignored. There are very few circumstances in which blogging is an unnecessary piece of the content marketing strategy, but they do exist. Read on to learn about the rare instances where blogging may not be right for you.

  • Your business depends on timely content. If your business is built around up-to-the-minute reporting, as many news websites are, you may have little need for a blog. Your highly active news updates will essentially fill the function of a blog, allowing users to interact and engage with the content you put out in the comment section. The time and resources devoted to blog creation in this scenario would probably be better managed elsewhere. Still, as if to display the importance of blogging, mainstream news pages such as the Fox News website still maintain blogs.
  • The crux of your business content is classified or complicated. If you find yourself in a rare business niche where your practice is highly classified, blogging about your practices may be a wasted and ill-advised effort. The same is true of overly technical and complicated business deliverables, since their likelihood of engaging audiences is very low.
  • Your business already runs the market. If you are fortunate enough to be one of the Google’s, Wal-Marts, or Kleenex’s of the business world, you probably don’t care much about traffic, audience reach, or engagement through blogging, since your brand has been owning the market for years. These market authorities have very little competition, and lacking an active blog or engaging website will probably have little effect on their market dominance.
  • As you can see, the circumstances wherein a blog has limited usefulness are as rare as they are fortunate. Still, despite the limited use that Kleenex or Google may have for a blog considering their respective market dominance and wealth of other engagement options, almost all of these companies still directed resources into blog creation. Though this time and energy could possibly be managed more effectively, the fact that these top-tier companies still take the time to write blog content is telling of the importance of this content marketing medium.

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