Connecting with Your Customers & Increasing Conversions with B2C Marketing

In a sea of freelancers, copywriters, public speakers and bloggers, how do you stand out from the crowd? By being passionate about what you’re providing. 

Are you selling your product’s results? Consistent leads and revenue are a methodical result of a strategic highlight of showing the benefits of your services. It’s time for B2C (Business-to-Customer) Marketing to take the stage and make a lasting partnership with your customers. Understanding this marketing tactic can help you build a more profitable business knowing that your customers are pertaining in an ethical and customized way with your services.

How 360 empowers your company through B2C Marketing

Being confident in your craft will increase your chances of selling your services even further, by connecting with your consumers through your core values and prospects. 360 Marketing can help you empower your reputation by solidifying not only what you can do, but what you can do for other people. B2C Marketing is essential to reaching key audiences, and projecting your brand to future consumers. 

Through smart google marketing and poignant social media targeting, your business can rise above the current market competition. At the end of the day, it’s not being the best there ever was, it’s about being slightly better than the next guy gunning for the same top place. Implementing our digital marketing expertise, we use strategic B2C tactics that involve Facebook Remarketing, AdWords and Responsive Website Design.

What is B2C Marketing?

B2C Marketing is a series of detailed strategies, practices and tactics that a company uses to connect directly with their individual customers. It’s a way to target your focus on the customer’s needs using influential strategies, instead of using cookie-cutter methods that can sometimes be ineffective and impersonal.

Why is B2C Marketing important to your business?

B2C marketing is vital for small businesses that sell consumer-based products and services that can include software companies, beauty salons, and home improvement services. The benefits arising from a strong B2C marketing campaign can be highly effective in maintaining and connecting with your audience. Here are just a few examples:

  • Boosts website visits. B2C campaigns are created to woo potential customers and give them an insight to your brand. The more clicks on your website, the higher the chances of conversions.
  • Strategic personal interactions with your customers. When you have a clear understanding of your audience, B2C businesses can send out specific messages at strategic times to influence partaking in your products and services. We can efficiently work with you to set up a campaign that strikes a meaningful message at the right time for your potential clients.
  • Increases conversions through social media outreach. Connecting with a larger audience is achievable through fun social posts that simultaneously increase your brand awareness. The higher the chances of your business being found on social media, the higher the chances of a conversion.
  • Better rankings on search engines. Using targeted keywords that relate to your business, your website can increase its position to the top of the first Google page – and when you’re consistently found, you’re going to be consistently paid.

The Future of Your Company Relies on B2C Personalization

Traditional mass strategies have become outdated due to their lack of attention on the individual consumer. If you want to appeal to your target audience, you will need to implement smart B2C strategies that are personalized and memorable. Give your company the advantage of truly caring about your customers while increasing your leads!

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Online Reputation

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Online Reputation

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Managing your internet reputation is an important asset to your business.

We will work to protect, sustain and maintain your online reputation by way of reports and services that are tailored to your specified industry needs and requirements.

It is vital to your brand reliability to ensure minimal negative “talk” online and maximum positivity in reference to your business. With the use of the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, review boards and customer forums, keeping in mind factors that could be potentially damaging to your brand’s reputation is critical.

Content Marketing (Off-Site Blog & Article Posting) blogging or writing on third-party sites as a guest blogger or article contributor can be deemed as a potential penalty by Google.

To avoid this, Google prefers and recommends only blogging and writing articles for and on Google assets (i.e. Blogger). Not only does this streamline the content and information available online by and for your business, but it also creates authority on a cross-platform level, further engaging your existing and prospective customer base.

Corporate social responsibility is a good thing, not just for the environment, society, and the world at large, but for your company’s reputation.

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Improving Online Reputation through Positive CSR

Some areas of corporate culture have begun to embrace a philosophy that balances the pursuit of profit with a commitment to ethical conduct. Google’s slogan sums up the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) nicely: “Don’t be evil.”

CSR refers to the voluntary activities undertaken by a company to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.

Your business can mitigate the financial impact of potential negative publicity through strategic social investments, following a corporate social responsibility (CSR) business model. CSR is a path to brand reputation management, building a reservoir of goodwill, insuring against a negative public image.

While building trust and positive recommendations from consumers, companies with good corporate social responsibility will also offer protection for their overall reputation. Research indicates that with strong corporate social responsibility comes a buffer against scandals and better resilience against negative actions or information. But perhaps more importantly, it creates a reputation of a reliable and honest company, which is valuable both in marketing and PR, as well as navigating scandals and issues.

John Poleza (Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky) aims to study CSR’s capacity to be leveraged to provide benefits and mitigate harm, and how CSR (corporate support of for charities and social causes) can protect your company reputation and finances.

CSR Ensures the Bottom Line

Three factors can be identified to allow for CSR to be leveraged for social insurance: high effort and commitment, modesty in promoting CSR, and support for causes relevant to a firm’s core business strategy.
  • Developing long-term, high effort, and committed relationships with social causes: Use employee volunteer programs, product donations, and advocacy support. These strategies help build firm reputation, maintain sales, and gain customer goodwill and third-party promotion.
  • Modesty in promoting CSR to gain customer goodwill and third-party promotion: Leading brands such as Citibank, 3M and GE value discreet support for social causes. Tobacco giant Phillip Morris was criticized for spending more on promoting its charitable donations than it donates, and for insincerity in airing its own anti-smoking campaign.
  • Choose social initiatives that fit with your business strategy: Stakeholders see actions as less self-serving when firms make contributions in areas of expertise rather than donating to generic causes. For example, Home Depot provides money, volunteers, and products to help the non-profit KABOOM! build playgrounds for inner-city children.

Corporate Social Responsibilities Statistics to Consider

With higher corporate social responsibility, more supportive consumer behaviour is delivered. Experiencing an excellent corporate social responsibility reputation, companies are enjoying these benefits according to the Reputation Institute. Here are some statistics that have arisen:

  • 89% would recommend the company to others
  • 91% would say something positive about the company
  • 90% would trust the company to do the right thing
  • 89% would buy the company’s products and/or services
According to the Reputation Institute, 89% of consumers are willing to recommend companies with excellent CSR RepTrak scores — but only 6% would recommend companies with poor scores.

Companies that practice good corporate social responsibility stand to gain great value in reputation, including trust, more willing recommendations, a buffer against scandals and other reputation busters, as well as a greater likelihood for consumers to use their products and services. And as consumers, employees, and other stakeholders continue to place more importance on social and environmental causes, it will only become more important to develop a good corporate social responsibility reputation.

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    Social Media Marketing

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    Social Media Marketing


    Want a stronger voice in a digital market? 360 will give you the megaphone.

    The majority of Canadians use at least one social media app daily, and almost half (49%) of the world’s population has a social media account. That is 3.8 billion users that can potentially see what you’re selling. 

    Social media marketing allows you to attract the right kind of consumers and increase your brand awareness.

    Social media marketing has nudged conventional marketing tools quickly out of the first place. It’s time to face the ongoing trends and reach new audiences with engaging social media platforms. 

    For your business to succeed, you need to employ smart digital marketing. Plain and simple. Social media is where your audience is, and in order to stay ahead of the curve you need to engage with your customer. 360 builds your digital platform, engages your potential customers and turns site visitors into cold-hard conversions.

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    sharing = profit

    Say you get $1000 dollars to put towards reaching an audience. You can either reach 2,000 people through direct mail or 26,600 people using social networking. It’s a no-brainer.

    With the innovation of smartphones, the average person uses at least one form of social media once daily. By implementing the use of social media for your brand and/or business, you are opening yourself up to infinite opportunities to connect with and convert prospective customers into existing customers.

    The use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube will also provide you with a higher Google ranking, making your brand more credible, transparent and accessible.

    Social media conversion are multiplied by the size of the social media network you have engaged. So if your proposal matches the interest of an individual, he or she is now likely to share it with other people in the same group making your offer viral.

    creating loyal leads

    • Twitter link clicks make up 92% of all user interactions with tweets.

    • 11% of Instagram users shop through the app.

    • On average, Facebook users click on 11 ads each month.

    • As of 2020, 27% of social media users find products and ads through one or more social media platforms.

    • 80% of social referrals to eCommerce sites came from Facebook.

    • YouTube brought in $15 billion USD in ad revenue in 2019.

    • There is a 71% chance of a customer referring your brand on social media if they are happy with your product.
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      Creative and Branding

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      Creative & Branding


      You’re passionate about your business. We’re fueled by your potential.

      360 understands that no two companies are alike – that’s the beauty of your brand. Your unique products and services can be elevated with the right help. Improve your rankings by remaining true to your vision, while getting an accelerated brand purpose to place you at the forefront of your industry. Your leadership and ambition are what propelled your company to success – ensure that your story and objectives transcend to your audience with the heart and accuracy it deserves.

      Our creative digital experience in a wide range of industries can elevate your name to the top of the search-chain. We design customized marketing plans based on your company’s goals while improving your media channels, strengthening your online strategies and expanding your audience base.

      Confidently show off your business’s brand!

      • Logo design/revitalization
      • Flyers
      • Graphic design
      • Web upkeep
      • Brand messaging & Brand voice
      • Consistent social media branding
      • Cohesive presence from Website to Facebook to on paper!

      This is Your Chance to Showcase Your Story!

      Your brand’s essence is found in factors that include your personal story, your vision, market position and everything that fuels your passion to be better than your competition. We work with you to develop a clear understanding of what makes your company stand out and lay the progressive groundwork to further develop your brand in your industry. 

      At 360, our Brand and Creative strategies infuse your identity and make it come to life through a multitude of different platforms that will solidify your name in a digital era. We create actionable measurements to forward your company’s successes and long-term goals through consistency and methodical guidelines.

      Getting Leads That Are More Than Just Profits

      Ensure that your company is represented in the most accurate, positive and engaging way that develops more than just a financial partnership with your clients. You work hard to put your business on the map – we give your audience the radar to find exactly where you are.

      Improve your online credibility by showing exactly who you are! We create eye-catching creatives and measurable marketing campaigns that don’t dilute the essence of what your company stands for. Instead, we illuminate your story and create passing users on your website into loyal advocates for your business.

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        Business Listings Management

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        Business Listings Management


        A strongly executed Business Listing provides your brand with minimal risk factors and maximum payoff potential. It’s an absolute asset for online marketing. By listing your physical location in Google Maps, you are making your services and products accessible and available to an enormous number of potential consumers.

        By putting the details of your business location on Business Listings, in the form of pictures, video tours, reviews, hours of operation, address, etc., you instill the utmost confidence and assurance in the eyes of your prospective customers.

        Proper Business Listings management connects your company with local customers, which is an excellent way to attract new business and connect immediately and entirely with your business. 97% of consumers search for a local business online. You will be readily available to promising customers who are looking for your specified products and services.

        360 creates map listings maximizing the geography of your business, and implements configuration including content, services, tags, images, logos, videos, postings, events and promotions.

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        Increase Your Chances of Being Found

        Google uses three types of indicators for local search rankings:

        Relevance: the keyword matching of a business with the query of a user.

        Prominence: the signal that Google uses to evaluate the overall popularity of your company in comparison to businesses just like yours.

        Distance: this is one of the primary local ranking signals used by and for Google Maps.

        It is vital to the health and prosperity of your business to focus on your local customer base by using Business Listings to optimize your website and local directory listings.

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          Video Marketing

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          Video Marketing


          Video advertising can be engaging and entertaining. Now, it can be targeted too.

          Every day your customers spend time watching videos on their computers and mobile devices. Using video to tell your brand’s story can be a very powerful advertising tool. But only if done right.

          We help you get your video ad in front of the right audience, at the right time.

          Containing over 4 billion hours of video content, it’s only logical to assume that a YouTube channel is essential to successfully market your brand’s campaign.

          We make sure your video ad is seen by your target audience, and that your brand is front and center, where you want it to be. That’s smart advertising.


          YouTube Marketing

          We research relevant and geo-targeted search volume opportunities and tag the videos that are to be found for the most relevant search volume opportunity. We use a plethora of campaigns that function to generate traffic to your channel; from the utilization of promoted videos in the search results, pre and post-roll services, video and text overlays, we work to make sure your videos are resourceful and relevant to your customers and your business.

          In addition, we also integrate your YouTube channel with your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger to ensure maximum exposure of your video content is being delivered to your customer base through the various avenues available via social media.

          Youtube Channel and Design

          Your YouTube channel is a Google asset, much like Blogger is. Properly creating, designing and search optimizing your YouTube channel is crucial because it functions as a beneficial necessity for your brand and business. We build your YouTube channel by implementing your brand’s logo into your YouTube banner, optimize the channel and video descriptions to suit your business services and products as well as upload videos that are relevant to your products and services.

          The impact of YouTube on the internet and television is impossible to fathom in our age of information. Functioning as both a search engine for content as well as entertainment, it nearly outranks television’s function and purpose. 

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            Paid Classifieds

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            Paid Classifieds

            Internet banner concept

            Paid classifieds are a form of advertising which have gained popularity by expanding its reach to the online world. Beginning in forms of print, radio and television before making its’ way to the internet. These internet advertisements generally include a written description stating information about the product or service being offered, pricing or special promotions, an image to attract attention and of course, contact information.

            These types of advertisements increase visibility and are able to reach markets that are mostly owned by private individuals that are searching to buy price-sensitive services or products.

            Unlike printed material, paid classifieds are targeted at your local area and easy to find because they are grouped into specific categories. For example; Electronics – Phones – Cell Phone Accessories.

            Paid classified websites include Kijiji, Craigslist, eBay, BuySell, AdPost and many more. These urban ad communities can be used specifically depending on which one would contribute the most relevant traffic.

            Websites like those mentioned above, have very high volumes of fresh, daily traffic and these people are most often those who search with the intent to take action in a short period of time. They find exactly what they need, make a purchase, and leave the site.


            How are your prospective customers making their decisions?

            It is important to determine what factors contribute to the informed decision of your prospective customers. By pinpointing what matters to your prospective client, we will be able to directly target their needs and fulfill them seamlessly.

            For example, in our current age of information, a consumer can now walk into a Best Buy store with the intention of buying a new TV, knowing the exact brand, rating, model and desirable price point they want simply as a result of being able to search, compare and review products and services online, right in the comfort of their own home.

            Smart AdWords Advertising

            AdWords, also referred to as Pay-Per-Clicks advertising, are strategically implemented to target your online clients in a direct way. AdWords are designed for competitive digital environments, and only proficient advertisers can truly thrive in this realm.

            Our Pay-Per-Click campaign service integrates industry-test strategies, consistent optimization, testing and campaign research – all done with the intention of maximizing the form and function of all of your campaigns. 360 provides experienced and reliable knowledge with Pay-Per-Click advertising.

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            Boost your business to the top

            • Set campaign goals that are based on your needs and budget
            • Identify new revenue opportunities for your website
            • Optimize your target list of PPC keywords
            • Test PPC campaigns in real-time to understand and generate traffic to your site
              • Present a detailed analysis of your industry competitors
              • Enhance ad creation & optimization
              • Provide ROI measurements & optimization tips
              • Increase in-depth keyword discovery
              • Monitor ongoing campaign tracking
              • Offer regular campaign progress reporting
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              Bad Links Removal

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              Bad Links Removal

              key links online

              We analyze all the links on your website and compile a list of low-quality and unnatural links. These links are the most likely culprit for affecting your Google ranking negatively, and may even bring penalties to a specific page, or worse, your entire site – this will result in a substantial traffic reduction.

              The list of links is sent to you for review and once it is approved, we begin the removal process. There is no quick fix for this method, we often need to contact sites directly to get them to remove links. With most projects of up to 1,200 domains, the time estimate for completion is 2 to 3 weeks.

              An average site that had SEO work done may expect to see up to 50% of domains with poor quality. When you are estimating the volume of links likely required to be deleted in the bad link removal service, use the number of referring domains to your site as the base. For example, if your site shows 5,000 domain links, you can expect the average of 2,500 domains to result in poor quality. Numbers may vary from site to site and can be much higher for those who used aggressive SEO by a non-Google Partner company before 2014.


              Prevent Google Penalties

              We strive to get the highest back-link removal rate possible, which is why we do almost everything manually. Once these low-quality/unnatural links are removed the recovery process starts. Google does not drop all removed links instantly, it takes time for them to re-crawl those links and remove them from the indexed list.

              In some cases you would also need to send a Disavow file and a Reconsideration request, this is typically required when your website received a Manual Google Penalty.

              Disavow and Reconsideration are included with our service. We continue to follow the results of the link removal by monitoring GWT.

              There is a chance of having both algorithmic and manual penalties for some sites. As an example, your site may have a large amount of duplicate content, or maybe one of many duplicate sites for the same business in a cluster also known as satellite sites and may have penalties to do with links. Our work is not limited to removing only the links, we additionally evaluate each project and provide a complete work plan to remove as many penalties as you desire.

              Why Your Business Needs Bad Link Removal

              During the initial evaluation, we will present you with a report to show the path we suggest for ongoing success while explaining the reasons and risk factors. Once completed another report will show the results of the work that has been done. Depending on the type of penalties we deal with, we will also share the disavow and reconsideration reports with you before submitting them to Google.

              Although it is impossible to guarantee 100% success, our average project will result in the removal of your algorithmic and manual penalties in one easy step.  

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                Online Franchise Marketing

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                Online Franchise Marketing

                success dart

                When operating a franchise with three or more locations, efficient marketing strategies are required to increase traffic through the front door. In order to adapt to a dynamic market and ensure your franchise’s sustainability, detailed reports are included, providing details on budget use towards generating conversion and visibility.

                Your franchise needs to stand out and be seen by the right people including those who need your products and/or services as well as potential franchise purchasers. Being found by your targeted audience requires marketing experience and commitment.

                We understand the daily needs of a franchise operation must be well-equipped to handle any challenges, that is why we dedicate our time to your campaign to help boost results.

                At 360, we work on a single budget that enables the preparation of detailed monthly reports; these reports highlight growth in visibility and relevant traffic, as well as outlining improved conversions over time that increase revenue.

                Our goal is to improve client traffic to your franchise locations through targeting and filtering. We enable your site to be visited by only those who are in a similar geographical area and require your services, reducing bounce rates from uninterested visitors.

                Most campaigns have up to 70% garbage traffic. We can help increase your effectiveness.

                around the world pins

                Utilizing Local Business Listings

                Local Business Listings are critical to driving sales. Your local business listing is the map listing that pops up on your screen when a visitor searches for a specific business or a related company on Google.

                Updated Business Listings are vital as they contain all important information about your business including hours, maps, reviews and a comprehensive visual of your business’ interior.

                Knowing your radius is vital to putting your franchise on the map. Everyone that lives or works in the area surrounding your franchise is a potential customer. Target the people in your neighbourhood by getting your brand established.

                Employing Strategic Social Media Methods

                Social Media is essential not only as a marketing tactic but also for communication with customers. There are multiple social media channels to choose from including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Asserting your business through various social media outlets is beneficial in increasing your conversion rates.

                360 offers a free audit of your existing marketing campaign. We do a complete website analysis as well as a competitor analysis. Checking to see what type of keywords are being used to promote your franchise on Google, and see the type of traffic you are attracting. We will see if your ads serve the purpose of the search.

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                  SEO Booster Package

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                  SEO Booster Package

                  red-paper-plane-out-line-with-white-paper-change-disrupt-finding-new-normal-way-blue-background-lift-business-creativity-new-idea-discovery-innovation-technology (1)

                  Using match types and tightly-themed ad groups to the newly developed landing pages to get good quality scores, and set the campaigns to accelerated to get plenty of impression share.

                  We have found this package to be more effective than the average Search Engines Optimization (SEO).

                   Moreover, it is safe, search compliant, advantageous to the business visibility, and holds a good reputation as it strengthens the authorship of the business on search. Finally, the obvious benefit is that it is a one-time cost compared to the ongoing costs of SEO.


                  boost your SEO objectives with confidence

                  1. Time spent on the page and bounce rate.

                  2. Search (phrase) variations over time.

                  The first signal measures traffic behaviour to determine how “sticky” the landing page is. In some cases, we will need to study the behaviour over time of people to suggest changes. Overall, the objective is to achieve a good bounce rate which will result in organic rankings, increased visibility, and client conversions.

                  The second signal will provide us with insightful actual phrase variations that people use with our targeted phrase, along with very useful information about their behaviour.

                  Using paid traffic we are able to accelerate analytics, adjust our strategy, achieve faster keyword positive adjustments, and overtime see traffic to the site increase. However, that is not all. Linking the new pages to the AdWords campaign when properly tuned up will result in improved Quality Score and lower bids on relevant search phrases that can be strategic to the business. In some cases it is proven to prioritize paid traffic to a specific AdWords account over the competition based on Google’s best practice.

                  What if there was a better way to rank your business for relevant Google searches?

                  SERP Research

                  As part of our search engine results page research, we evaluate the top 20, 30, and 50 searches used by potential clients . These searches are relevant to the specific products and/or services, and are made with the intention of purchasing or taking other predefined actions. These search results offer valuable information about the queries of relevant audiences.

                  Researched phrases may be shared with the competition within a specific geographic area. We look at your competition by phrase, and devise strategies to benefit from these measured search volumes. Phrases are structured into Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) format.

                  Industry Research

                  Each phrase we target will be constructed with an industry-informed perspective that also is mindful of geographical relevance. For example, a service may be relevant to the medical industry, but only in the US or Canada. The target phrase creator must be aware of this geographical variance so that appropriate wording is used.

                  In order to develop relevant, informative, and engaging content that matches the phrase we are targeting, our team will spend time online researching information and facts to do with the target phrase. This research time may include visits to forums in an effort to better understand people’s content preferences, and what they struggle with finding based on search availability. We also create lists of facts to incorporate into our content and phrases. These lists may need to be later confirmed by the client since every business is different.

                  • Key Selling Points

                  Most people will scan a page with their eyes for 3 seconds prior to reading to see if a site matches their search. We emphasize key selling points to convey the greatest amount of information in the shortest amount of time. Page benefits presented using bullet-points will engage fleeting audiences. A good picture woven into the content area will also win the attention of prospective clients.

                  • Content Development

                  We use information and facts gathered from our industry research to develop the web page content for the site in FAQ format, with the phrase being the question, and the content developed being the answer.

                  A typical page would vary between 500-700 words and will link to the site through the site menu under FAQ. For the package to work, the site menu should be readable to search and not use flash or Java. In some cases a revised site map will need to be submitted as well.

                  The new web pages are not hidden from people or search. We create the opposite effect, inviting people to land on new pages directly using organic and paid searches. The pages are created to minimize bounce rates, thereby catering to the base formula for improving your search ranking.

                  Pages are created and incorporated into the site in phases rather than all at once. This creates an atmosphere and measurable trend of “freshness,” as your website receives dynamic new-page additions over time of as opposed to traditional blog content. In a typical scenario, pages would be added in bulks of 2-5 per week.

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