How to Improve Your SEO Efforts in 2020 and Beyond | Online Marketing

The Internet is a vast digital space of information and opportunity. It’s constantly evolving to the point where anything can get lost easily and your voice can be swept up in an endless wave of data. 

On massive search engines like Google, it’s becoming tougher to get your brand and message out in the open. So how do we solve this problem? Do you work on it yourself or rely on an online marketing company? The first step is to improve your SEO game for 2020 and continue to reach new heights in the future. 

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Don’t Copy. Be Unique

As some teachers say in school, copying gets you nowhere. If you want to establish your brand for a massive audience, you’ll need your website and digital content to be unique. Anything you put out should represent your values and what you want to promote. 

Some simple ways to start can be by removing any duplicate webpages or articles. Search engines like Google reward sites that are frequently updated by placing them as one of the top results for searches. 

Polish Your Presence

Smooth navigation of your website makes it easier for everyone. As much as it’s great to have them discover you through a search result, you’ll also need to leave a good impression as they see what you’re all about. 

An easy way to start is by giving your content really good titles and descriptions. Whether it’s blog content, webpages, or social media posts, how you describe what you’re putting out there matters. Revise your wordy posts to shorter lengths and break up your paragraphs into smaller segments. Be succinct and clear to catch a person’s attention.  

Also, consider making your website as accessible as possible to reach out to a broad demographic. Use alternative text for your images to make it easier for those who use screen readers or text-only browsers. Add captions to easily describe what they’re all about. 

The more polish your digital presence has, the easier it will be to widen your brand and reach out to your desired audience. 

Update and Take Advantage of Keywords 

Everyone is always focused on new things and whatever is trending at the moment. Take advantage of certain keywords or phrases. Use them wherever it’s possible and the best fit through your tags or metadata settings. 

It’s also crucial that you update your site frequently. Google will bury dormant websites below the sites that offer consistent, fresh updates and content. Always find ways to improve your online presence to not let your brand get left behind in the dust. 

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Instagram Shoppable Posts: How to Use Them to Increase Your Online Sales | Digital Marketing

It’s official. Instagram’s shoppable posts are all the rage in 2020. In March 2018, Instagram rolled out this new feature to 45+ countries, allowing a small volume of pre-approved companies to tag products in their posts. Fast forward two years later, it’s taking over social media as we speak. 

It now allows the user to finish the entire transaction on Instagram itself from product discovery to purchase.

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As a digital marketing company, we felt we simply couldn’t give this one a miss. In this article, we’re going to teach you how to use shoppable posts and how they can benefit your business.

Instagram Shoppable Posts: Next-Gen Marketing

Instagram has revamped itself to become a business-friendly app. Given that 200 million users visit one or more business profiles daily on Insta, it’s easy to see why. 

What are shoppable posts exactly? As a business, you can connect your Facebook product catalogue to your Insta account, and tag a product in a post to provide the user with a “Tap to View Products button.” 

On a business’s Insta page, these shoppable posts are marked with a shopping bag icon at the top-right corner. To make it even more convenient, Instagram allows users to browse through your business’s “Shop” items from your profile. 

The user will then be able to view the product and complete the purchase without ever leaving Insta. Pretty nifty, right?

Who is allowed to share products with consumers on Instagram? You will need to create an Instagram Business Account that is synced to a Facebook Product catalog. To set up a Business Account, all you have to meet specific eligibility criteria and abide by Insta’s guidelines. Once that’s done, you will be ready to promote your products via shoppable posts!

Does Instagram charge for shoppable posts? At the time of writing this, the service is completely free. But it is likely that Instagram might capitalize on it at some point. 

How Can Shoppable Posts Benefit my Business?

Bottom line, it comes down to your conversions. Are shoppable posts really that beneficial for your brand and your consumers? Make sure to do your research before adding shoppable posts to your marketing strategy to figure out the answer to this. 

There is a strong argument for realistically considering shoppable posts though. For one, these are very simple to set up. Through your business profile, you can tag images; the tags double up as product descriptions for the items on sale. Each of these tags can be expanded to provide more details like the product name, description and price.

Given that over 800 million people are on Insta, it’s highly likely that your target audience lives there as well. This is a great opportunity to reach them and seal the deal. People usually use this app on their mobiles which means they don’t have all the time in the world to read extremely detailed descriptions. By keeping things very simple, you enable potential consumers to make quick decisions!

Considering that it’s free, that’s all the more reason to take Insta’s niftiest feature for a whirl.

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Attention, Marketers: These Game-Changing Trends in 2020 Will Challenge What You Thought You Knew!

The decade is almost over and it’s time to look forward to the new year to keep growing. Our top 6 marketing trends will help you get a better idea of what to work towards and our search engine optimization services in Vaughan will help you put them into use!

Interactive media

Interactive content will be on the rise in the new year. People are leaning towards more visual and interactive media as their favourite content with 91% reporting they want more. Interactive media will benefit you significantly; keeping people on your site longer, and building up a relationship with potential customers and engagement without much effort. Also interactive content is very shareable; getting you more clicks and users on your site. Interactive content feels new and thus is more eye-catching and interesting than many others, with only video coming close to that amount of pull.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR have become the latest buzzwords in recent times – and for good reason too! These are hailed as the top emerging trends in 2020, with major companies already inculcating AR and VR at various stages of the pipeline.

Ikea, for instance, has introduced an app, allowing users to visualize what a certain piece of furniture would look like in their room before putting down their money. Not only do such services offer value to customers, but they also draw attention away from traditional brick-and-mortar models, where customers had to make a buying decision solely by inspecting the furniture in-store and making a decision based thereon.


Personalized marketing is one of the things consumers want coming into the new year, with up to 90% of people saying they want personalization and 80% saying they would be more likely to give business if the experience was personalized.

Things like suggesting “if you liked that product you might like this” and other such initiatives can really boost engagement. For email lists this point stands too, having a personalized email gets 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click through rates. A lack of personalization can actually be dangerous, cast too wide a net on your advertising and around 49% of people will just disregard you. On the flip side, a specialized ad will get 36% more clicks and hits.


More and more people are getting AdBlock programs, cutting out the majority of pop-ups, sidebar ads, and before video ads. But the one thing AdBlock misses in the ads within the videos themselves. People are starting to have higher opinions of influencers and listening to what they sell and promote much more than normal celebrities with as many as 6/10 teenagers valuing their opinions higher. Influencer marketing is becoming the fastest growing marketing method, with the industry expecting to hit 10 billion within 2020.

Shopping over social media

Social media is growing fast with more people using it every day and sales starting there as well. With just two clicks you can go from browsing Instagram to making a purchase. Over 72% of Instagram users have bought something through their platform and 70% of people with Pinterest. This in combination with social media influencers can really make your branding stronger and reach out to a lot of customers.

Content marketing

You might have heard the phrase “content is king” recently and that certainly isn’t going away in 2020, in fact, it will grow even more. It’s predicted that quality over quantity and more diverse content will become favourites; so it’ll be important to have a range of different content from blog posts, to video, to interactive polls and quizzes. Video and interactive media may be on the rise but don’t undermine blog posts, they are still key to boosting your SEO and driving visibility. 

Starting to feel overwhelmed thinking of how to integrate all of these new things, balancing out making content in the new year and keeping track of your SEO? Don’t worry about it here at 360 our services will help you put these tips into use!


TikTok: How A 15 Second Video App Can Expand Your Business Impressions By Millions!

Who are influencers now in our generation? How can an app help businesses get their product out to millions of people- at a fraction of the price for an advertisement on Instagram, or Twitter? 


TikTok, an app created in 2017 has recently blown up in the media industry, with over 500 million monthly users, and is now available in 150 different countries. Although the target demographic of this app is for teens, this brings out great opportunities for new upcoming marketers or businesses to promote their services and products. Tiktok is a 15-second performance entertainment platform that allows anyone to create creative content for other individuals to see, ranging from humorous videos to lifestyle-based tutorials. So, how did Tiktok get so popular, and how can startup companies benefit from this teenage based platform?


How did this app become so successful?

Many teens have mentioned that they downloaded the app ironically wondering what the buzz is about or after noticing some “cringey” tiktok videos online, when soon after they find themselves creating their own videos for the world to see. This app is now single-handedly a competitive market against big companies such as Netflix, Instagram, Twitch, and many more. There must be a reason for the app to be valued at $75 billion and to receive over one billion downloads in 3 years, but what is it? 


TikTok has been told their videos are becoming the new Vine, a loved but discontinued app used to post creative and funny content. The concept of both apps are quite similar, both creating short, continuously looping videos, but Tiktok has one thing that Vine failed to do; profit their company by billions, from simply placing ads, and accommodating in-app purchases. 


How can businesses benefit from this app?

Businesses have personally reached out to popular “Tik tokers” to promote their goods and services, benefiting the business into receiving hundreds of thousands of views for an inexpensive price. A popular creator 


Businesses could also advertise on Tiktok, paying $20,000 – $50,000 for over 5 million business impressions per day. This is useful for companies that want their target demographic to be young adults, considering how 41% of Tiktok is downloaded by users aged 16-24. 


Recently on August 1, 2019, Chipotle, a fast-food restaurant, created a #GuacDanceChallenge. This challenge featured sponsored YouTubers such as Loren Gray and Brent Rivera to create dance moves to a song dedicating it to their interest in avocados. In just 6 days, the hashtag challenge received over 250,000 video submissions on TikTok. Chipotle celebrated on July 31st for “National Guacamole Day”, and sold over 800,000 side condiments in one day. The sales in Chipotle has greatly improved, and we truly believe it was from TikToks powerful influence on the teen market.


Chipotle isn’t the only one who received such massive success rates for their company, other businesses such as Guess, with the hashtag #InMyDenim, Coca Cola, with the hashtag #ShareACoke, and GrubHub, a brand takeover ad for food delivery have all been extremely successful in gaining the proper audience attention.



What is so different about this social media platform aside from others?

Tiktok has also grasped the attention of millions of individuals, involving the use of many silent tactics that helps make the app simple, yet addicting to use.


Tiktok does not require you to activate an account once downloaded and immediately allows you to scroll down their video feed of popular creators. This gives the users a chance to “sample” what Tiktok is about, and the content it provides. The easy accessibility of not having to register an account to join the app can undoubtedly be a factor of people continuing to keep it on their devices. 


Another factor for many people use this app could be that you do not need to know people on the app to use it, unlike Snapchat, Twitter, or any other social media platforms. This allows people to freely watch/make videos without the need to be connected with people you know!


Tiktok is also used to freely express your creativity, without feeling judged about what content you post online. Because many users on the app are around the same demographic, they typically post popular trends or funny content, and the videos are usually considered funny, rather than critiqued or laughed at.


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Google’s Algorithm Got Some Interesting Makeovers in 2019. Take a Look!

Google’s algorithm arguably goes through more changes than most people do underwear. It is a complex system that retrieves data from its search index, and strives to provide the most accurate results based on a user’s query. 


Roughly 3.5 billion searches are made through Google every day, and this number rises by about 10% every year. 


The popular search engine uses an intricate combination of ranking signals and algorithms to rank webpages by relevance on the SERP. In 2019 alone, Google has seen thousands of changes. In fact, a large majority of these updates are so subtle, they go by unnoticed. So how do you keep track of the major ones that could affect your rankings?


360 Business Marketing is an online marketing company in Markham that aims to deliver up-to-the-minute information about the latest trends on the internet. Being a certified Google Partner, we have developed the acumen to spot every minor shift, and help your business react in a timely manner. 


Site Diversity Update


In June, Google rolled out an update that deals with domain diversity in search results. This means that the SERP will, for the most part, no longer reflect more than one result from the same domain for a certain search query in the top results.


Per Google, “However, we may still show more than two in cases where our systems determine it’s especially relevant to do so for a particular search.”


This might be to do with branded queries, where, if a user searches eBay for example, they may see more than one result for


Core results are the only things impacted. Extra features like video snippets, top stories, image carousels remain unchanged. 


Smaller Sites Now Have A Chance to Rank


Because of the site diversity update, smaller sites have a large chance of ranking for competitive keywords. Searchmetrics conducted a quick test to see if this update was functioning as promised. It found that 0 results came up for more than 3 URLs belonging to the same domain. 52.3% of searches returned unique domains for all positions. 44.2% of searches contained 2 URLs from the same domain. 


Core Updates


Throughout 2019, Google has put out core updates to improve the quality of the service. 


According to their Twitter, “Sometimes, we make broad changes to our core algorithm. We inform about those because the actionable advice is that there is nothing, in‌ ‌particular, to “fix,” and we don’t want content owners to mistakenly try to change things that aren’t issues.”


Safe to say, these updates do not target any specific type of low-quality content, however, it’s about enhancing the relevance of the search. From a broader standpoint, these core updates are about improving the manner in which Google interprets search queries and web pages to bridge the two. 


Are you looking to improve your website’s performance? Let us help!


Google is constantly doling out new upgrades that could diametrically sway your website’s performance. It never hurts to stay in the loop! To receive up-to-the-minute information about all things web marketing, design and development, call (416)-619-7935.


What is Your Audience Looking for When it Comes to Your Online Efforts?

It seems as if every business out there has created a presence in the digital world and with over 4 billion people active on the internet, it comes as no surprise. The age of tech has shifted us to a more digital-based platform for delivering our message to our audience. While billboards, newspaper ads, and radio commercials still exist, they have taken a back seat to the realms the digital space has to offer. 


There is one component that hasn’t changed however: your customers. No matter how or where you deliver your message, your customers will always be your main priority, after all, without them, businesses would cease to operate. When making the digital shift, it’s important to keep the importance of your audience/customers in mind. Online content should always relate back to your audience and be a tool to educate or aid them. Our local marketing agency knows all too well what can make or break a business online presence.


Here are a few things you need to ensure shine through your businesses online presence: 




When it comes to accomplishments, knowledge, and other feats, it’s okay to take on some bragging rights! Many consumers look for an authoritative figure when they want to complete a transaction. How exactly can you build authority online?


  • Let your knowledge in your respective field shine through your content
  • Build your community
  • Build links from other sources
  • Be active on socials
  • Be consistent and stay up to date with your market
  • Build your reputation


The more authoritative a business appears online, the more positive reception it will receive. While building authority does take time, it definitely opens up the door for many opportunities in growth. 




Trust and authority go hand in hand. People tend to have more trust in a business when there is a higher level of authority there. But beyond the authoritative aspect, trust can be built in several ways. Something as simple as engaging with users and addressing them in the space can help boost up your businesses trust points. Why is trust so important in business when it comes to online efforts? Trust not only helps your business grow, but it also helps keep your current customers content and more eager to continue engaging in business with you. Like any aspect of life, trust is a huge element and deciding factor when it comes to decision making.




Remember when brands/businesses would purchase followers and we would be naive to it? Or perhaps you remember when businesses could just delete negative reviews without causing an uproar. Well, neither of those practices get past the diligent eye of consumers. It’s easy to spot when a brand has purchased followers (hint: check the follower to engagement ratio) or when they are hiding something such as negative feedback. Both of these practices allude to the fact that the business just doesn’t want their audience to see a huge part of them which in most cases, will lead to even more backlash.

How do you build transparency with your online audience?


  • Be real. Don’t buy followers or engagement
  • Respond to feedback – negative or positive. If you receive positive feedback, acknowledge it and thank the person. If it is negative, don’t ignore it – show the individual and the world you are ready to resolve any issues that arise. 
  • Don’t delete negative feedback. This shows others that you aren’t receptive to addressing customer concerns – a huge no-no
  • If there is any issue – address it. Is your site down? Address it. Did you make a mistake in your ad copy? Address it. Did you have a mishap on social media? Address it.




This word gets thrown around a lot in the marketing world, but what exactly does it mean to be authentic? Just like you stay true to yourself and who you are, your business should be no different. Your goals, value, and personable side should shine through your business. This doesn’t mean drop all professionalism and become a savage clapback type of brand. This simply means putting a less automated feel to your brand. Your audience wants to know that there is someone behind the scenes engaging with them, as opposed to an automated service spitting out generic answers. Let who you are shine through your business and more people will feel receptive to taking further action.




Behind every piece of content, there should be something your audience can take away from it. Whether it’s a piece of knowledge, a product, a service, a tool, or a tip. It’s easy to generate sales-oriented content or produce a simple link on socials and be done with it, but this can cause a disconnect with your audience. Listen to them and understand what they want, what they need, their pain points, their concerns – from here, you can derive what type of value you can provide through your content in creative and meaningful ways. It’s important to remember that what you are creating is for your audience, not for yourself.


Long gone are the days when brands who had the most followers were the ones that were looked up to the most. Today, it’s all about quality and consumers are well aware of that. Before even looking at followers, many search for value, trust, transparency, and authority. Having these factors interjected into your digital marketing strategy can help you build an unstoppable brand online!


Looking to up your online marketing game and wow your audience? Contact us today and we will help you take your business to the next level!


Instagram Unveils A Ton of Cool Features Just In Time for Summer!

In Japan, there is a concept called kaizen, which means striving for constant improvement. Well, it seems Instagram has taken kaizen to heart; several new changes have allowed for an easier process in using the social platform as a marketing tool. Since April, the social media app has rolled out many new features and added ornaments onto existing features. In addition to some user experience changes, such as integrating IGTV into the explore feed, Instagram has rolled out a plethora of changes to increase engagement and put a spotlight on content. Of course, properly utilizing these features in a way that aligns with your brand/persona takes some work. Our Markham based digital agency can help you create and implement a social media strategy that will help you stand out and rock the rollouts!


So, what updates are we talking about exactly? Here are a few of our favourite:


  1. Sponsored Stories with Polls


When Instagram stories were added in 2016, the feature initially received a lot of backlashes; comparing the feature to the almost-identical Snapchat stories. However, as Instagram as a social platform becomes more mainstream, there has been several improvements and add-ons to raise this feature above all else.


The recent addition of adding poll stickers to promotional stories enhances its effectiveness. The voting allows for user engagement and increases the chance that viewers will convert by swiping up. This is excellent news for any company using Instagram as a marketing channel!


  1. Insta-Checkout


Recently, Instagram introduced Insta-checkout, another feature that is dedicated to shops and companies using Instagram to sell products. After the previous update, of allowing businesses to tag their products in posts with prices and links to their website, this new feature just makes sense. How does this differ from the initial feature rollout? Users can now purchase products from their favourite brands and influencers without having to leave Instagram. Users simply click on the tagger product and Instagram then leads them to a checkout page where they can complete the purchase. From there, users can then choose to continue shopping or simply pop back on Instagram. This update makes it easier for smaller influencers and brands who may not have the tools to create a full website off the bat. It also makes shopping easy for users without a plethora of redirects.


  1. Good Causes and Fun Quizzes


The poll, slider, and question stickers quickly gained popularity on the site due to their ability to create genuine, simple engagement. Instagram took note and recently unveiled two new stickers.


The quiz sticker is similar to the poll sticker where a question is posed and users can pick an answer provided by the poster. The quiz button, however, allows for more options and is set to be utilized as more of a “get to know me” type button. Brands and influencers can use this button to test their audiences knowledge, for contest purposes, or simply to educate them on the matter. It’s a simplistic way for users to engage with one another and learn more whilst doing so.


The donation button has finally come and users can now spring a good deed into their online posting. The donation button allows users to choose a charity/cause of their choice with an interactive donate button underneath the name. When clicking on the donate button, there are a few simple steps the users can take to donate to a worthy cause. A big concern with this was the fact that some may try to manipulate the system and try to gain profit for their own self, however, Instagram has found a way to avoid this. Only registered nonprofits can be utilized with this feature, so no need to worry about uncredited sources trying to get some extra dollars.


  1. Goodbye Vanity Metrics?


Let’s face it, getting a high amount of likes is a pretty good feeling, even if you aren’t big on vanity metrics. However, Instagram has been testing out a feature that removes like counts from the public eye on some Canadian accounts. How does this work? Users will be able to see how many likes they get on their own images/videos, however, the public will not be able to do so (unless they count one by one).


Why did Instagram decide to do this? The exact reason is unknown, but many speculate it’s a way to rid consumer and user perception. Often times, people flock towards content with a higher like count because they correlate it to a higher level of trust and quality. On another note, some users rely on likes as a confidence booster and seeing similar posts to their own rack up 10x the likes may impact their overall perception of who they are and what they create. Regardless of the reason, if this rolls out to everyone, it could be a massive game changer, not just for Instagram, but for social media as a whole.


A surfeit of features have been introduced in 2019 and Instagram is working on unveiling even more features this summer. With that being said, influencers and brands alike should ensure they are utilizing these features in a way that is appropriate and relevant to their online persona. Nonetheless, we are excited to see what Instagram has in store for us this summer!


Looking to vamp up your social media game? Contact us today and we can help you with your quest to social media greatness!


Google Analytics Right Now: 2018 to 2019 New Features

Sure, your business’s website is good. But what if it could be better? As companies are increasingly using their websites as marketing tools, they’re zeroing in on a new focus: conversions. This is the process of a user going from just browsing your website to performing transactions – thus contributing to your revenues.


But how do you map a user’s journey from prospect to buyer? Markham, a burgeoning tech hub, is no stranger to online marketing companies. When you choose the right one, you will be able to understand your demographics better and increase website conversions quickly. To get you started, this article explores how you can use Google Analytics successfully. 


A key tool to help improve your website’s conversions is Google Analytics. In addition to being a free online tool, google analytics can bring an enormous amount of value to your business. How does it work? Google Analytics works behind the scenes to give you an insight into your website’s performance, with clear information that can help with identifying trends. Recently, from mid-2018 to right now, new features have been added. Here are four recently added features to help with your website:


  1. Cross-Device Conversion Data

First, a new addition is custom models created on the basis of cross-device conversion data. Google Analytics now tracks the customer conversion process that is completed across multiple devices (called cross-device conversion). This data is important for your business because it helps for decisions related to ad placements on your website. Web pages with higher conversion rates could mean higher bid prices for particular placements.


  1. A Search Bar

This one was probably a matter of time…I mean, Google’s main thing is being a search engine, right? Google reinvented the classic search bar for your convenience in Google Analytics. This recent addition allows for a responsive search experience when searching questions, for reports, or help. Also, when you click the search box, it displays your recent searches and reports, and question suggestions for insights about your data.


  1. Scroll Depth Trigger

A trigger uses conditional code to assign actions to specific criteria. The scroll depth trigger fires tags (assigns small bits of information to elements) depending on how far down or right the user has scrolled on your website. The cool element about this trigger is that it only fires once per threshold per page. This means that the trigger will not fire again until the trigger is reset (ie: the page reloads). By doing this, Google Analytics ensures strong and reliable data. It also gives you the option to select when to enable the trigger, and the option to set the scroll depth threshold, units, and direction.


  1. YouTube Video Trigger

Similar but distinct from the scroll depth trigger, the YouTube video trigger fires tags dependant on user interaction with YouTube videos that are embedded on your website. Interactions such as pausing or playing the video are used as variables for the trigger configuration. Some examples of triggers on the videos are when the video starts, finishes, and when it is paused or buffering. Triggers can also fire when the video plays and passes a certain point of the video, or a percentage of the video has played (ie: when it is halfway done)


Marketing Tips & Tricks for Google Analytics

So you got the data. Now what? Here are a few tips to try in the aftermath of using Google Analytics!

Use when presenting the marketing data with:

  • Google’s Data GIF Maker for interesting data visualizations
  • Google’s Data Studio for powerful data reports and visual support


Map out and analyze your customer lifetime value (CLV):

  • Unify your data by consolidating, analyzing and creating dynamic customer experiences


Additionally, use the following key factors to elevate the success of your efforts:


Zero In On What You’d Like to Measure

Analytics is a vast tool and it’s easy to get distracted by numbers that don’t really concern you. The key is to zero in on the 6-10 KPIs that will help you achieve your business/website targets. Don’t be side-tracked by useless numbers that only highlight the number of visitors to your web pages.


Pit Conversions Against Your Goals

Google Analytics is all about defining and setting the right goals. Program your account to follow conversion numbers that cater to these goals. As such, it will be easier for your conversions to verify whether you are on the right track to achieve pre-set objectives.

The conversion figures are crucial stats to pay attention to. For each and every goal, you should allocate an economic figure – no matter how random it might be – even if that figure doesn’t correlate to the transaction’s purchase.

These efforts will make it easier to measure how well your goals are performing by and large, and their impact on your business.


Customize Your Dashboard and Report

With Google Analytics, you are able to create customized dashboards to get the most interesting insights swiftly. The hours spent making your own dashboard are well worth the effort, and this should be done keeping in mind the KPIs that are integral to your goals.

This tool also provides a Solutions Gallery that showcases ready-made dashboard templates designed by other people. A lot of these are hidden gems – worth checking out! You can also leverage custom reports to cater to the metrics you’d like to highlight above all others. Hence, you are effectively trimming the fat and streamlining your experience with Analytics.


Use Intelligence Alerts

Analytics lets you activate default alerts and also make custom alerts. While Analytics Intelligence gives you great insights, these should never replace you scanning your reports manually as well. However, the tool is quite reliable in that it assists you by pinpointing issues and opportunities.

Important – The best way to check on your website’s performance is by regularly reviewing your KPI-based reports. These are supported by automated intelligence alerts from the software.


Want more information? Google Marketing Live is an exclusive live stream with insider information on Google’s practices, Q&As, and other interesting features.


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Be Seen AND Heard: How Video Marketing Can Help Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd!

Regardless of what social platform you are scrolling through, chances are, you will stumble upon a video (or a few). Although video is something that has been around for quite some time, it took off in the marketing world within the last couple of years. More and more platforms have taken note of how successful video has proven to be and thus, have integrated it into their platforms.


Why is video marketing so popular? With the hustle and bustle of life, it seems as if we have less and less time. Because of this, any way to retain information we want and need in a quick and effortless manner is a win. From the perspective of a business owner, it’s significantly easier to draw people in with enticing visuals which is a win-win for both parties; your business can generate better buzz and consumers can learn about your product/service/who you are with little to no effort. Of course, like anything, crafting the perfect marketing video for your business takes a lot of practice, care, and attention to detail. Online marketing consultants can aid you in strategizing and implementing the optimal videos for your business needs.


How does video marketing work?


Video marketing can be utilized in a number of scenarios across the digital space. From ads to influencers, videos harness a lot of power when it comes to delivering a message to the audience. Video marketing can be utilized to sell your product/service and educate consumers on it or to deliver a valuable branding message.


In the first regard, video is a great tool for educating consumers on what you have to offer in an enticing manner. Through exciting and relative visuals, you can easily parlay your offer to consumers in a way that is seemingly effortless to them. These videos can be put on social platforms where your target market is more prevalent.


In the second regard, video is exceptional when it comes to storytelling and providing a valuable branding message. This has become more and more popular as people are drawn to brand’s who show a more vulnerable and personal side. Gilette was the creator of a massive storytelling video that pulled on the heartstrings of a plethora of viewers. Regardless of how people felt about the video, they were sharing or discussing it, thus, bringing new light to the brand.


What are the various types of video in marketing?


As previously mentioned, video marketing can be implemented in a number of ways. The type of video you are aiming to create is contingent on what you would like the end result to be. The following video formats are popular amidst the digital world;


Video Ads – video ads are typically short and “to-the-point” videos that aim to promote a businesses product and service. Because these videos are generally quite short, it’s imperative to only include relative information and not overwhelm the viewers with too much at once. Video ads are a viable option if you are looking to generate leads or bring your audience members to your site to further learn about your product and potentially make a purchase.


Influential videos – influential videos are similar to ad videos in that they are meant to persuade people to take action, however, the actions can be open for wider interpretation. These videos can influence individuals to make a purchase, learn more about a mentioned site/product/service, learn more about a particular brand, donate to a cause, and much more. This type of video is typically seen by influencers who collaborate with brands to educate their audience on them.


Live video/streaming – Live video (or “streaming”) has become increasingly popular recently. Facebook and Instagram have been successful platforms for live videos and LinkedIn followed in suit, recently unveiling a live video option for the platform. Live video is great for developing a sense of trust with your audience; allowing them to see your personable side which may not be prevalent through business-oriented posts. Live video is also a great way to engage with your audience – answering questions they have, addressing any concerns, etc.


Does video increase conversion rate?


Let’s not beat around the bush – lead/conversions are a massive focal point for businesses as it translates to more profit. With that being said, it’s important for your video marketing campaigns to be optimized with proper strategy in order to aid in boosting conversions and overall business. In fact, having a video on your landing page alone can boost your conversions by 80% according to EyeWide Digital. Videos are a simple and effective way to relay information to your audience in a manner that is convenient for them. There are a few simple steps that can aid in increasing conversion rate when coupled with your video, including;


  • Utilizing a friendly and simple thumbnail. The thumbnail should be inviting and relay what the video contains (without being overwhelming)
  • Transcribing – most people listen to videos without any sound nowadays, so it is important to transcribe the videos in order to effectively deliver the message. This is also important for those who are hard of hearing.
  • Being personable – automation is no longer in. People like authenticity. Be yourself as cliche as it may sound!
  • Interject a CTA in the MIDDLE of your video. Why the middle? Putting a CTA in the beginning may make the video seem inauthentic by selling right off the bat. Putting it at the end may cause people to click away before you can even deliver it. The middle is a great place as your audience is already captivated by the beginning portion and wants to continue watching thereafter.


The world of online video is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With that being said, it is imperative that businesses implement a video presence online to maximize their digital efforts.

Looking to add video to your digital/social media strategy but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you want to fine-tune your existing strategy. Whatever your needs may be, we can help! Contact us today for all things video marketing!


Geo-Conquesting: How Location is Helping Businesses Thrive

Recent studies suggest that the average person is unable to pass ten minutes without checking their phone. This is great news for your business. Why? In the midst of a technological revolution, cell phones have an incredible amount of influence. Almost all your potential customers will have a dependency on technology, specifically their cell phones.  Many prominent businesses have successfully utilized this influence as a marketing tool, with the technique of geo-conquesting.

This technique has been used by companies such as Burger King, Outback Steakhouse and many others, all of them praising the concept. If you want help implementing this technique for your business – 360 can help, starting with a free, no obligation consultation of your market and competition.

What is Geo-Conquesting?

Geo-conquesting, or geo-targeting, is location-based mobile advertising. Based on a patron’s location, geo-targeting uses time and place to deliver your marketing message in the most effective way possible. Oftentimes, this means interacting with consumers while they are engaging with your competitors. This strategy intercepts consumers in competitors radius, and leads them towards your business.

For instance, if you are the owner of a burger shop, and a consumer is indicated to be approaching another company, you can use channels through their cell phone to give incentive for them to choose to buy with you instead. An example of a marketing message in that scenario would be, “Do you want a healthier alternative with a personal approach for your burgers? Try Burger Chain Example for a delicious burger with a $1 off!”.

Additionally, geo-conquesting is incredibly efficient, as it targets customers that are already looking for the product or service you offer (prospects at the bottom of the funnel). This means you are attracting clients away from competition and adding to your own clientele. Essentially, you will be geo-conquesting to attract consumers in the market for your specific industry. Continuing with the above burger chain example, this means that your marketing message will only be delivered to those craving burgers, rather than people looking for a new fitness gym. The two main perks of geo-conquesting are spreading awareness of your brand and using your competition’s location to your advantage.


Spread Brand Awareness

Geo-conquesting identifies potential customers that are interested in your product or service and delivers relevant messages and information to point them towards your business. This is a great method to kickstart other marketing strategies (ie: generate buzz around your business in clients in the industry).


Highlight your Company’s Strengths

Geo-conquesting is used to attract customers from competitors and switch loyalty to your business by highlighting your own brand’s strength. Using time and location as tools, messages through geo-conquesting promise better experiences than competitors. The benefit of specifically using geo-targeting to deliver this message is that it will be tailored and specific to the location of your business and your competition, producing a stronger incentive. To illustrate, if you are a smaller business, you can promise shorter wait times than your more popular competitors, and deliver that message to a potential customer impatiently waiting in line with the competition.


Geo-Conquesting and Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing is another marketing strategy used to select virtual boundaries in which to market towards potential customers. Geo-fencing and geo-conquesting work hand in hand, and complement each other to increase each other’s potency. When selecting your geo-fence, it is important to keep the range appropriate in the context of your business. If your geo-fence is too wide, it might be irrelevant to the consumers that are targeted. However, if it is too narrow, you might not reach the consumer base necessary to generate tangible results.



Does geo-conquesting sound like a good fit for your company, but seems complicated and difficult to carry out? Contact 360 to help your company successfully use this valuable strategy!