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Semaglutide Weight Loss Marketing

Semaglutide is a peptide (a small protein) that activates specific metabolic pathways in your body to enhance blood sugar metabolism and completely reduce appetite. Semaglutide is available commercially as several FDA-approved medications: Ozempic, Rybelsus, and Wegovy. The first two are FDA approved for diabetics whose blood sugar is not yet controlled, and Wegovy is FDA approved for the treatment of obesity.

Semaglutide Weight Loss is becoming a very popular trend in today’s weight loss community. People are reporting a complete loss of apatite which is one of the reasons this weight loss is medically supervised. We can help you build the program in your medical practice as we have the knowledge and experience to do so. We will help you market the program using SEO and Google Ads alongside social media and video marketing.

Contact us today about Semaglutide Weight Loss Marketing for your medical practice.

Enhance Your Online Presence & Client Engagement: Why You Should Create A Google My Business Listing Today!

One of the most common ways people can discover new businesses is by entering a Google search query. They may be looking for a local store to buy their new sneakers from or discover a new restaurant to eat food from. This can be made possible with a Google My Business Listing, which showcases a business’s location and information as one of the first search results. Google business listings can not only amplify client engagement but also promote your business to an entirely new audience. 

360 Business Marketing is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses enhance their digital presence online and on frequently used search engines like Google. We specialize in providing extensive SEO marketing packages and setting up comprehensive Google My Business listings that put your brand out in the open. Contact our team today if you would like to set up an online business listing for the first time. 

A Google My Business profile can have many benefits for many businesses, big or small. We’ll handle all the finer details when creating the listing for you so you can continue growing your company your way!

What is a Google Business Listing? 

A Google Business Listing is a free platform that allows businesses to create and manage online listings through search engines like Google. The listings can appear in places such as Google Search and Maps, as well as other platforms such as YouTube and Google+. Most businesses are eligible to set up a listing and the process costs nothing to manage at all. 

Creating a Google My Business listing is an important step in getting your business found online by new customers. It essentially works like a preview of what your store or service is offering to them and how you can meet their needs. Once you’ve created your profile and verified your listing, you can add features such as photos, videos, special offers, and other information to help make it stand out from others. 

A Google business listing can benefit businesses with only a brick-and-mortar storefront, digital storefront, or both. It provides an uptick in customers online, helping you yield over 1000 search views per month. Over 84% of Google searches for your business are discovery searches, which means that if not for the business listing, people would’ve never found out about your business. 

How Can Your Business Listing Enhance Leads?

The goal of a Google business listing is to make it easier for customers to discover your business and where you’re located. It functions like a local online listing and digital storefront that will serve the public as a mini knowledge base. Whenever customers are discovering new business, they want clear visual cues (e.g. photos, videos), basic information, and reliable reviews from past clients. 

Some of the basic information that can be listed on your Google business listing are the name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, photos, reviews, blog posts, and general description. The latter can easily sum up what your business is all about and what you have to offer new customers. 

The business listing should work well in reaching more customers through other functions like Google Search and Maps. It should also appear whenever customers are searching for businesses like yours, especially if it’s in your local area. It can also help you manage your online reputation and presence, usually by tracking how many people are interacting with your listing and how many views it gets. 

Why Should I Set Up A Google My Business Listing?

A big reason why you shouldn’t delay in making one is so that you can claim ownership of your business on a public level. A business listing allows you to attain management rights to it and unlock additional free features to increase your digital presence on Google. 

A Google My Business listing will act as a key spotlight in your local listings and help your brand stand out from the rest. Having your business be discoverable as a local Google search result will not only boost your SEO efforts but also maintain a high degree of traffic to your website. 

If you would like to set up your first Google business listing today, contact 360 Business Marketing to enhance your business’ online presence and Internet traffic. Work with our team now to improve your SEO results in 2022 and reach out to potential new customers

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before a Website Redesign: How The Answers Can Help Your New Website Succeed

Did you know that your current website may not be up to par with the modern standards of 2022? Website designs are constantly being changed and updated as the worldwide web gets faster and more information is flooding search engines. As such, consumers using the Internet are getting smarter and more tech-savvy, wanting immediate results when they search for something on Google. If you’re considering a big website redesign, you may also be weighing options on which developers or marketing companies you want to hire to kick start the process. 

At 360 Business Marketing, we our offer clients excellent digital marketing services and social media management for their business. We also provide companies looking to bolster their brand on search engines with extensive SEO packages that can get them ahead. 

A website redesign is a big task for both you and the team you’re looking to hire. It’s a big project that takes into account several factors in order for a website to perform well and be easily discoverable.

What Is My Timeline For The Website Redesign?

It’s important to set a timeline for when you start planning out the website redesign, then putting the changes into action. Even if you aren’t in a rush to get the website up, you should still set a realistic expectation on how long the process can take and the final result after everything is said and done. It’s pretty standard for a project to take around three to four months to complete fully and if the team you hired is unable to get it done in a timely manner, that can be a bad sign. A good-looking, high-performing website takes time to fully develop, especially if a lot of developers are working on them. 

Another thing to consider for your timeline is how often you’ll have to redesign. The average lifespan of a website is between 1-3 years and a good redesign helps keep your business looking fresh and competitive. You should also factor in how often your company’s goals change for your website and how much budget you can allot for its redesign and development. The performance of the new website should also be considered once it’s been designed and adjusted if there are big changes in your industry. 

The goal of a new website is to direct visitors to where they want to go if they have questions and read content about your products or services. Set aside some time before you commit to a website redesign and set reasonable goals to achieve on your timeline. 

Are Analytics & Metrics Important For My Website Redesign?

Another question to ask yourself is whether or not analytics and metrics are important in valuing your website redesign process. Before you go forward with anything drastic, document your current performance metrics and use them to compare where your new website stands. 

Some metrics you can pay attention to include the number of visitors and unique visits per month, bounce rate, time spent on site, top-performing SEO keywords, inbound link domains, new leads, page traffic, and total pages indexed. Each metric can be useful in its own right but may vary depending on your website redesign goals. 

The good news is that there are also free metrics tools like Google Analytics that can better help track your website’s visibility. They’ll help you understand whether or not your new website is achieving your goals and is to your satisfaction. 

Is SEO Important For My Redesigned Website? 

One last thing to consider for your website is search engine optimization (SEO). This involves using specific keywords on your pages, or other relevant content like blog posts, to match the search queries of potential new customers from search engines. Placing specific keywords on certain pages will gradually boost your presence on Google as helpful search results. 

It’s important to make sure your website redesign team or marketing company has qualified people to help you optimize your SEO. For every page on your new website, pick one keyword or topic to focus on and use that in the corresponding content. You can utilize your analytics tools to measure which pages have the most traffic and convert more leads. 

If you need help with your SEO or are planning to redesign your old website, contact 360 Business Marketing today to get in touch with our team of experts. Work with us now to get the best modern website for your business in 2022. 

An SEO Strategy Guide For 2022: Kickstart Your Summer Digital Marketing Plans with These Hot Tips

Summer is fast approaching and many people are planning great activities. Maybe you want to look for cheap flight tickets to a tropical paradise? Or book tickets to that trendy new amusement park that opened? Whatever you’re searching for, the most used website to look these things up is Google. 

As a frequently used search engine, many businesses nowadays rely on Google for consistent traffic toward their website and brand. The easiest way for people to discover your business is by having a strong digital presence and putting into practice a good SEO strategy. The term stands for search engine optimization and while it may sound complicated, the concept behind it is pretty straightforward. 

At 360 Business Marketing, we’re a digital marketing agency with a focus on a website redesign, SEO planning, and content marketing, among other services. Contact us today if you want to kickstart your digital marketing plans for the summer and enhance your business’ SEO. Here are a few things you should consider about SEO and what you can do to improve it. 

Understanding SEO 

In its most basic function, search engine optimization (SEO) helps someone find your product or service on Google, which can then lead to them finding your website. The goal of SEO is to expand your business’ digital presence in organic search results from search engines. These efforts help drive more users to your brand, helping to increase the chances of added conversions and revenue. 

SEO is all about optimizing your current web site’s content, conducting keyword research, and inputting inbound links (or hyperlinks) to increase that content’s ranking and your business’ overall visibility. This results in SERPs, or search engine results page, that serves as responses to a user’s query. Your webpage is then crawled and indexed by the search engine, before showing up as one of the first results to pop up in a typical search. SEO is not a quick endeavour, however, as it can take months to fully materialize. 

SEO takes into account your website’s rankings and visibility. There are a few ways to improve these things for various site pages of your website such as improving your structure and design and evaluating external, off-site factors. Search engines will often favour features such as good title tags, keywords, image tags, inbound links, and internal link structure. 

Overall, understanding SEO is all about helping position your business throughout the entire buying journey of the user. It can ensure your marketing strategy matches any new buying behaviour from a potential lead. 

Creating A Good SEO Strategy

Speaking of strategies, a good SEO strategy is one that requires patience, plenty of hard work, and attention to detail for the smaller things. Every search engine will crawl your website to follow links, land on a page, and use those links to find other content to evaluate. As part of your strategy, set the navigation and links as text-only functions if you can. 

For your website, cut down on lengthy words with complex paragraph structures. That also goes for your blog content and URLs. To enhance your SEO, set them up to be as minimal as possible and optimize the page around the main keyword to get the best results. Search engines like Google use the time it takes for someone to read your page as a strong indicator of quality. If possible, you should also size your images appropriately to make sure it doesn’t take up space. 

You should also remove or update any dead links for nonexistent pages for your website. You want to avoid providing people with a poor user experience that prevents search engines from indexing your content. Take some time to also remove any duplicate pages because they are irrelevant to your website. 

Measuring & Tracking SEO Results 

Measuring the results of your SEO strategy involves tracking important data about traffic, engagement, and links on your website. The technical setup of your business is integral to ensuring your website is visible in any search results and monitoring your efforts can help you improve your strategy further. 

Some of the metrics you should analyze should include organic traffic growth, keyword rankings, conversions from organic traffic, average bounce rate, top landing pages, the total number of indexed pages, and the growth of your internal links. 

Once you’ve gone over your data and created a good SEO strategy, it’s time to put your plans into practice. 

Implementing Good SEO Practices

One last piece of advice for SEO we’d like to give you involves implementing local SEO. This means SEO that uses results with local intent and specific to a relevant location. The purpose is to concentrate specific information to users that help them find the things they need close to them. This particular practice primarily targets smartphone users or those using mobile devices to find your product or service. Most SEO plans take into account local SEO because search engines assess your business’ location and contact information. 

Avoid “black hat” practices that manipulate search engine algorithms by keyword stuffing, hiding keywords in secret coding, and buying links from untrustworthy websites. If a search engine like Google catches on to this, it could result in your page being completely removed from search listings.

Work with 360 Business Marketing today to improve your company’s SEO for the upcoming summer season. Contact us now to learn more about SEO and how we can refine your digital marketing efforts in 2022. 

The Perks of Redesigning Your Website: How To Transform Your Old Site For the Future!

When you first created your website, it may have helped your business be more visible on the web, drawing a fair amount of new people to your company. Times have changed now and the qualities that made a website great in the past, may not be as effective in the present. The speed and overall look of your website may not translate as well to modern audiences. Modern websites are now faster, smoother, and more direct in their attempts to draw more eyes toward their brand. 

If you want to keep ahead of the curve or stay current with the times, consider a complete website redesign for your business moving forward. At 360 Business Marketing, we’re a digital marketing company that provides website redesign services for businesses looking to update their digital presence. We’ll help transform your old website into a newer version that is more mobile-friendly and faster than sites from the past. 

If you contact 360 Business Marketing now and work with our team today, you’ll be able to set your business up for success with responsive web design that works across a variety of mobile platforms. To help you kickstart your website redesign plans, here are some methods we put into practice. 

Find the Right Time To Redesign Your Website

The average lifespan of a newly designed website is around 1-3 years at most. The reason for the short lifespan is because design trends for websites are constantly changing and the technology is always advancing. As a result, newer websites can feel fresher than others, increasing competition and clicks amongst your business rivals. The timeframe is only an estimated benchmark, but you should nonetheless have a plan that works best for your organization and routinely update your website annually. 

There are other factors that may determine when it’s time for a website redesign. Factors such as the goal of your company and whether or not the current website still represents your organization valid points of contention. The budget allotted toward the site’s design and development can also determine a redesigned timeline, as well as its current functionality. 

You may also base your decision on analyzing your website’s advanced metrics and analytics to measure its overall performance. Are more people staying on your site and converting their interest into action? Or are they bouncing off immediately? 

We recommend striking when the iron is hot and redesigning your website as soon as you notice a dip in web traffic or performance. Once you’ve done so, the first step is to update your current site’s page structures. 

Update Your Current Site Structure

During your website redesign process, you’ll want to be able to organize your pages in a way that lets visitors find them easily in search engines like Google. You can update current pages on your websites such as your About Us, Products, Services, News, or Contact Us pages to better reflect your business and brand. Then, link them on your blog homepage and aggregate individual content you’ve previously posted. 

This practice and structure help search bots understand your business’ authority on a subject and the relationship between your individual pages. For example, if your pages link to a blog homepage rather than a specific one, search engines will prioritize the blog homepage. All this involves our next consideration, which is optimizing your content’s SEO performance. 

Optimize The SEO Of Your Page’s Content

Optimizing your page’s SEO has to take into account both realistic outcomes and results matching your overall marketing strategy. Your website redesign project should have SEO goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. To do so, make sure that every page on your new website hones in on one or two keywords that are important to your business. This will help make sure that people are actually searching for your business instead of making assumptions. 

Once you have determined the keywords for each page, you can implement the SEO tactics by placing keywords in your page’s title, intro paragraph, heading, URL, body, meta description, and image alt tags. You can also add links to related content to assist search engine bots and readers in navigating your site. SEO content optimization for your website should be an ongoing process and the first step to improving it is by setting some concrete goals. 

Set Goals & Define Your Branding

Lastly, there should always be a good reason behind why you want to redesign your website. Maybe you want to increase the number of visitors and clicks towards your website. Maybe you want to reduce the bounce rate or increase the amount of total new leads. Whatever reason or goal you have, you should make sure your objectives are dependent on one another. 

A newly designed website can work much faster on both desktop and mobile applications. They’ll also have enhanced SEO capabilities that will make your business more discoverable on search engines. 

Contact 360 Business Marketing today to start redesigning your website. Kickstart your new marketing plan for your business now! 

Boost Your Business’s Leads & Conversions | Get Ahead In Spring By Adopting These Marketing Tips

As the world begins opening up and staying busy again, many people are looking for different things and services they need to help them get back to where they were before. Whether it’s a service or product, people will often turn to social media or Internet search engines to find the things they’re looking for. This is where your business can strike fast to keep a consistent flow of leads towards your operations. In turn, this may lead to more conversions that can increase your overall revenue. 

In order to boost your business’s leads and conversion, you’ll first need to identify and research your ideal customer base, market your brand, and reach out to potential prospects. Afterward, you’ll need to find a way to nurture and retain their attention in order to become loyal customers. 

At 360 Business Marketing, our company will help you integrate lead generation strategies that will capture potential leads and turn them into consistent levels of conversion. This will help process your business’s brand awareness to the general public and build up interest in it. We’ll provide your business with the necessary content and tools to generate more leads and conversions. 

Here are a few tips and advice to consider as you start thinking about lead generation in 2022. 

Target The Right Audience 

With any marketing strategy, you need to target the right people in order to start generating leads. You want to market a service or product that is seen as valuable by certain people, so implement strategies that are designed to resonate with your audience. If the leads are convinced of your brand, they’re most likely to share their contact information, such as a phone number or email, with you to stay in touch about future opportunities. 

Some ways you can start targeting the right people include paid advertising, pay-per-click ad posts, and automated social media posts that randomly appear in a person’s feed, depending on what they search for. These are just some ways this can be practiced, but it all goes towards creating brand loyalty for your business. 

Build & Establish Brand Loyalty For Your Business

Leads are essentially any of your potential customers that take interest in your business. With lead generation, the process involves attracting these customers to your brand. During this period, you should nurture their trust so that they can provide your business with organic, word-of-mouth promotion. As such, brand loyalty is an important aspect of your business’s marketing. 

The right leads that find your business users can be your most loyal customers that can provide a steady stream of revenue. The reason for the success: it’s because you reached out to them with their own permission. Say they gave you consent to send them personalized newsletters. You can reward their loyalty with either an exclusive promotion, discount, or sale. This forces your business to think about the well-being of your customer instead of just sales numbers. 

Another way of building their trust and loyalty is by offering a free trial or service for your business. If the potential lead is satisfied with your business at no extra cost, they’re more likely to stick around and support you. 

Increase Business Brand Awareness 

Going hand in hand with brand loyalty is brand awareness. It’s important to get your business out there, whether it be consistent posting on your social media or targeted web advertising. The goal is to create a steady pipeline of new leads and conversions. Do be careful though, as many of these leads may have never heard of you before and will just ignore you. You never want to invade their privacy, especially if you’re being forceful in marketing your brand. 

To get the messaging across easier, consider producing goal-oriented content on your social media and web blog. New customers want a good amount of reasoning and information about your business before considering your services. By creating unique, SEO-friendly content for your brand, you showcase your expertise in a topic and demonstrate detailed knowledge towards your new lead. It can simplify their buying process, build authority, and help rank your business in search engines. 

Common examples of content to boost brand awareness for your business include blog posts, videos, whitepapers, ebooks, webinars, case studies, in-depth guides, and so much more. The more creative you are, the more leads you can potentially appeal to.

Personalize Your Message & Engage Your Community

Whenever you’re in communication with your customer base, it’s important you do so in a personalized, engaging manner. No one wants to interact with a faceless company. Rather, take the time to implement settings that recognize everyone’s name. This helps to establish a public face of sorts that the old and new leads can rely upon anytime. If you’ve reached out and retained a good number of leads for your business, you’ll have built an engaged community that you can engage on a more personalized level. 

Improve your lead generation and conversion rates today by contacting 360 Business rketing today. Learn more about how we help businesses thrive in their business marketing endeavours. 

Running A Small Business? Take Charge & Succeed in 2022 With Effective Digital Marketing

A fresh new year in 2022 has many people pivoting their old jobs and starting their own businesses. Part of this process involves digital marketing, whether it’s setting up your first website, social media channels, or public advertising. Additionally, website design and SEO services are also important factors to consider when starting up your digital marketing efforts, but the work can be challenging if you’re a first-timer or have no prior knowledge. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to learn and our team at 360 Business Marketing can lend a helping hand. 

We’re a digital marketing agency that has worked with many clients in the past and have the experience and expertise to back a solid reputation. We’ll shoulder all the hard work and tricky aspects of digital marketing for your new small business. That being said, we also believe in educating new business owners on the benefits of strong digital marketing. We’ll go over how it can help enhance your business brand, why it’s important for building an audience, and the immediate steps you can take to start reaching your marketing goals in 2022. Now let’s break down the diverse world of digital marketing, shall we?


How Can Digital Marketing Enhance My Brand & Business?

Digital marketing can greatly enhance your business’s public image, online brand, and overall identity. As such, you can expect many benefits when you decide to implement some of the things we’ll be going over here. 

By using digital marketing for your business, it gives you the ability to interact with potential buyers and get a sense of what they’re looking for and how your business can satisfy that curiosity. It also lets you reach out to anyone in any place, as there are no geographical limits with digital marketing efforts. You’ll be able to target the right audience at the appropriate time and communicate with your buyer throughout the buying process. 

Afterwards, you can count on brand loyalty to enhance your image and reputation to the public. You’ll have gotten to know your customer base and utilize digital marketing tactics to drive engagement, brainstorm some inspiring ideas, and monitor your stats to make your next marketing efforts better. Building trust and respect for your business are crucial to retaining old buyers before luring in new ones. 

Digital marketing can open many doors and opportunities for your business. It enhances the public image of your business and how your customers interact with you. It also helps find and build your audience, creating loyalty and satisfaction that benefits both sides. Let’s talk about how that is accomplished with effective digital marketing. 


Why Is Digital Marketing Important For Building An Audience?

The impact of digital marketing lies in its incredible accuracy and effectiveness in finding new targeted customers. Analytics and search queries are just a couple of methods used to find who your potential customer is. The amount of time and resources invested in these techniques can greatly benefit your overall marketing efforts for the year. 

An important aspect of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). This area can get into very highly technical and numerical thinking real fast, but a basic knowledge of how SEO works can lead to solid content creation and digital marketing campaigns. Whether it’s extensive keyword research, blog writing, or algorithm analysis, SEO can help inform your entire digital strategy for buyers’ data and online content. 

People are constantly using search engines like Google or social media to find things that they can buy, find help with, or get in touch with somebody about. As a result, this leaves many clues and important information for small businesses to consider. With digital marketing, they can reach out to new customers faster than if they were to rely on traditional marketing tactics like flyers or billboards. You’ll be presenting your business in a public way that is more convenient to them than ever before. 

By applying these digital marketing practices and putting in some effort, you’ll be able to track data based on customer behaviour and analyze stats such as bounce rates, conversions, and demographics. Digital marketing allows for flexible methods and adaptable strategies to be implemented if necessary. This can help you stay ahead of your competitors and help you reach your marketing goals in 2022. 


What Can I Do To Reach My Digital Marketing Goals in 2022?

The first step to accomplish your digital marketing goals in 2022 is to gain the motivation to get started. Often, going digital can be a big change, especially for existing brick-and-mortar small businesses, but the potential benefits open up more opportunities down the road. Instead of marketing your business within a local area, you’ll also be able to draw more buyers from anywhere nearby or even further. 

Digital marketing has changed the game for how businesses advertise themselves. At 360 Business Marketing, we can help you kickstart your journey and deliver results you can count on. Contact us today to get started and to learn more about how digital marketing can enhance your small business. 

Increase Your Leads

5 Foolproof Ways to Increase Your Leads By the End of the Year

Lead generation is an important marketing strategy for your business and a key aspect to increasing your sales profits – it’s essentially the practice of gathering useful client information for an eventual conversion. Successful lead generation can be done online through blogs, websites, ads, and SEO keywords implemented by digital marketing services. Offline, it can take the form of snail mail, trade show exhibitions, and cold calling. 

Search engines are constantly changing the ways a website design agency optimizes your online branding to generate more meaningful leads. Whether it’s through engaging social media posts or positive forms of digital outreach, our digital marketing pros can help put your business on the top-ranked search pages. If you would like to know how to increase your leads and improve your online marketing efforts, we have FIVE foolproof ways to get you started by the end of the year. 


Improve Your Website

Your website homepage is the first place any of your potential customers will see. You want to encourage visitors to stay longer and click around several other pages. To accomplish this, you must improve your website’s functionality and speed. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely the visitor will leave. To check on your website’s speed, you can use tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights to see what’s slowing down your website and how your pages score.

With this in mind, we can’t stress how important it is for you to optimize your website for mobile traffic. You should make sure your site is clear and simple to navigate on a mobile device. Check to see if forms are working properly and limit distractions such as pop-ups, live chat tools, and Call to Action (CTAs) prompts. Search engines like Google will prioritize websites with good mobile performance, helping you get more leads and attention on your brand.  


Establish a Social Media Presence

After improving your website, the next step should be to cement your presence on social media. This can be a great source to generate and find leads if you know where to look. For example, if you decide to use Facebook or Reddit, you can target and engage with people in online communities or forums. 

For more immediate social media attention, you can utilize apps like Instagram or TikTok by posting daily stories, pictures, and short videos to show people what your business is all about and how you can help them. Make yourself known overall on social media to establish your brand, generate more leads, and make life easier for people.


Optimize Your Email Marketing

If you’re an eCommerce business, then you have access to a variety of email addresses for those who’ve chosen to subscribe to your page. There are several ways you can go about email marketing, but the first step should be to clean out your email list of fake accounts and misspelled redundancies. By updating and keeping your email list accurate, you’ll lower your bounce rate and improve your overall email marketing performance. 

Some businesses and marketers choose to rely on cold emailing to find more potential leads. However, this requires a lot of work and you’ll have to distinguish yourself almost instantly unless you want your message thrown in the spam or junk folders. Instead of focusing on new customers, try engaging with your current subscribers and deliver content that they might find useful. 

Examples include special deals, coupons, or a nice short story relating to your brand. If you want to optimize your email marketing further, consider starting up a newsletter for your subscribers with simple graphics and clear messaging. You’ll be able to engage your target audience and create helpful word-of-mouth promotions. 


Write & Plan Better Blog Posts

It’s no secret that well-written blog posts are key to helping you land more leads. A good practice is regularly automating your blog posts to be published at the most influential times of the day. This helps you create a consistent schedule for different time zones and is most effective in generating leads. 

Additionally, you should also consider adding them as free downloads to your email subscriptions. You can compile your posts into larger resources such as in-depth guides, tutorials, and e-books. People will find value in these types of content, so it’s especially important to include CTAs such as email signs up or subscriptions. A good CTA will draw more people to your content and brand, creating more leads for you to work with. 


Utilize An Effective SEO Strategy 

Creating an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy can drastically improve your lead generation by bringing new, relevant traffic to your site. You can start by doing a detailed content audit of your website. Review all your blog posts and update them with links to new content and pages. You should also fix any broken links and add new CTAs to the mix. Lastly, make sure all your website has optimized page titles, meta descriptions, and alt texts added into images. 

We’ll make sure your SEO strategy is on point and help you generate more leads for your business. Contact and work together with us today! 

Website Design

Website Design 101: Creating A High Definition Gen-Z Friendly Website That’s Engaging and Profitable

For people born into Generation Z (also known as Zoomers), marketing and advertising should take into account their tendency for fast paced, direct messaging that instantly connects with them. With apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, they are constantly bombarded with unique content and are well-versed in the web as digital natives. With this in mind, it’s important as ever to design a website that suits their sensibilities and engages them in creative ways. 

We’re your online marketing agency that offers exceptional digital marketing services to push your brand to the next level. We provide SEO content and social media marketing that will help draw more Gen-Z’ers towards your brand. One of our areas of focus is on website design and we have some useful tips for you to consider that will attract a newer generation to your business. 


  1. Invest In A High Quality, Modern Design

Generation Z and Millennials have been raised in digital environments, making them more tech savvy than previous generations. When it comes to your business’s online presence, the website is the first impression to them. That’s where it’s crucial you take the time to invest in upgrading your website to a modern, accessible design to keep it fresh and high-caliber.

When building or upgrading your website, simplicity and clarity are key. Gen Z customers won’t be impressed by unimpressive designs and superfluous messages that mean nothing. If you’re going to build a high quality, responsive website, make sure you have the good design and features to enhance their experience. 


  1. Prioritize Mobile Performance & Traffic 

With any good website design, the mobile version of it should take priority over the desktop view. Generation Z are big users of mobile smartphones who demand rewarding and productive experiences on web pages. As such. websites should be flexible for people who have to multitask and work on demand. The mobile website should work across a variety of different devices with responsive design and UI/UX for a seamless experience. 

Keeping this in mind, you should think about how many things are on your pages. Eliminate complicated, jumbled items that waste time and contribute nothing. If your website isn’t mobile optimized and responsive, then Gen-Z customers will leave your site immediately. 

To achieve peak mobile performance, your content should automatically adjust to fit whatever device the user is on. This can be accomplished with the help of a web design team familiar with mobile design. We’ll help you create pages and content that work well with mobile navigation and draw more visitors to your website. 


  1. Be Visually Pleasing & Interactive

After tweaking your website’s mobile performance, you should focus on enhancing your website’s high quality visuals and interactivity for Gen-Z. This means that they are more visually literate than others and are able to absorb information from strong images, video, and interactive text. 

Specifically on video, it’s one of the best interactive components you can have on your website because it quickly establishes an emotional connection with your web visitors. For example, while some may choose to simply embed a YouTube video link on their homepage, a good website will instead add a hero video that is played in the top part of the page. The hero video should be high quality and tie into your direct messaging that captivates a visitor rather than distract them. 

To boost interactivity for your website and capture more Gen-Z eyes towards your brand, use a combination of creativity and interactivity for your website and social media channels. Create or input something that lets young customers tap, swipe, and click whenever they land on your page. Anything you can do to encourage interaction on the website or social media is positive. Some examples include small pop-up surveys, polls, etc. 


  1. Create Clear Phrasing & Valuable Storytelling

The most important thing you can do for your Gen-Z-friendly website is add in clear messaging and genuine storytelling. They’ve been constantly exposed to digital content and have a shorter attention span compared to others. As a result, they can easily differentiate between genuine promotions and phony ads. If your messaging is too desperate or clever, Gen-Z’ers will be highly attuned to it and dismiss your brand entirely.  

To avoid this from happening, make sure your content is genuine and provide storytelling that connects with them in some way. The purpose of storytelling is to convey great ideas behind your brand and improve engagement through your website design and blog content. Generation Z will get behind products and services they feel strong connections with and storytelling helps accomplish this by building up trust. 

Comprehensive web design for Generation Z is much more than sticking to graphic elements and words on a page. To draw more attention, think about your target audience and what they should know about your brand. At 360, we’ll work together to help you design a high-quality website that will boost your online traffic and overall business. 

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content marketing for businesses

Pack a Punch with Smart Content Marketing For Your Business to Grow Your Company Tenfold!

It’s time to punch up your content marketing plan to grow your business brand tenfold. You want content for your business that is interesting, informative, and useful for people looking for specific products or services. By utilizing effective content marketing for businesses, you’ll land the right connection with clients that visit your website. 360 Marketing provides digital marketing services that will help you reach these goals and build upon a dedicated audience. 

We’ll go over a good chunk of content marketing tips that demonstrate how it can benefit a business, some examples of content marketing in action, and why it should be geared towards your preferred audience. 


How Does A Business Benefit From Good Content Marketing?

Good content marketing will do wonders for your company by giving you brand equity. This means that your brand will become more valuable over a period of time, as you implement effective marketing tactics and high-quality content. You’ll also be building trust and reliability with your audience because they’ll see your business as a leader in the field. These practices create a momentous butterfly effect when you generate momentum towards brand recognition and dominance. 

The main benefit of a great content marketing strategy is the ability for people to find your business through organic traffic. SEO optimization has made it easier for businesses to advertise themselves on platforms like Google or YouTube – services many people frequent regularly and are more likely to see content targeted towards them. 

Now that we’ve run down some of the benefits, let’s go over the pecking order of some relevant marketing content.   


What Are Some Examples Of Relevant Content Marketing?

Content marketing takes on many forms, but the main goal is to get peoples’ attention and steer them towards your brand. There are several ways businesses accomplish this and methods have constantly evolved over time. 

Blogging is one strong example of effective content marketing. Posts generally consist of 500-100 words and are uploaded bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the type of business that news them. They also come with tags and categories to better organize them for search algorithms. 

Email marketing is another form of direct content marketing that engages a dedicated subscriber list with new content every week or month. Newsletters or special email alerts with deals are some examples of this in action. With these practices, you’re communicating with people who are interested and invested in your brand and want to support it. 

Another form of content marketing is through video. You see commercials every day on television, but the landscape has shifted to other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. There are more creative ways to get your brand messaging out there whether it’s through short/long-form ads, sponsorships, mid-roll ads, or influencer posts. 


Why Should Content Marketing Be Geared Towards Your Company’s Targeted Audience?

The goal should always be to market it to your targeted audience. To gain more traffic towards your site and influence the perception of your business, it’ll take a lot of work, time, and energy. Content marketing requires patience as you gradually build up your brand’s image and reputation. This in turn will lead to increased revenue, leading to more sales and high-quality leads that will help you reach your sales goals. 

A successful content marketing strategy can greatly boost your online traffic and authority if you take the right steps of communicating with your audience. Know what they want, gear content towards their interest, and then land the final blow by showing them what they want. 

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