Top Marketing Trends of 2019, So Far!

More and more brands are becoming wary of the marketing space, realizing the importance of having a good brand image for their consumers to associate them with. Whether a marketing agency is used or an internal marketing department, this has become a vital part of the value chain. Strategies over the years have adapted...

Google Analytics Right Now: 2018 to 2019 New Features

Sure, your business’s website is good. But what if it could be better? As companies are increasingly using their websites as marketing tools, they’re zeroing in on a new focus: conversions. This is the process of a user going from just browsing your website to performing transactions – thus contributing to your revenues.  ...

Geo-Conquesting: How Location is Helping Businesses Thrive

Recent studies suggest that the average person is unable to pass ten minutes without checking their phone. This is great news for your business. Why? In the midst of a technological revolution, cell phones have an incredible amount of influence. Almost all your potential customers will have a dependency on technology, specifically their cell...

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