Four Benefits of Working With Certified Google Partners

Google Partner companies in Toronto offer more than your run-of-the-mill non-certified company. There’s no doubt that Google can be one of, if not the, biggest asset to your business; so why would you put your online presence in the hands of those who are not trained to deal with Google?

Certified partners are those who meet certain spending and performance prerequisites. They also need to be highly educated in AdWords and all other formed of paid search marketing.

Still not convinced? See the four huge benefits of working with Google Partners for your digital and online marketing plan by reading our blog below.

  • Understanding of All AdWords Features

While you might assume that AdWords is as simple as throwing up an ad and paying for each click it receives, in reality, the complexity goes far beyond this. Only Google Partners will have a complete to all of AdWords features, some of which non-partners may not even realize exist! Negative keywords, ad extensions, sitelinks in ads, phrase matching, split testing, and broad match modifiers are all example of the AdWords features that your Google Partner marketing team can offer your business.

  • First Look at Beta Features

Google’s beta features are offered first to certified partners. This can range from different features, applications or settings. This extreme leg up in the game could be what boosts your business to the forefront, and leaves your competition in your wake. You will put these new and innovative marketing strategies to use while your competition struggles to keep up.

  • Extensive PPC “Best Practices” Knowledge

All Google partners take certification exams to prove their AdWords knowledge and education; this includes knowledge in AdWords basics, search, shopping, video, display, and mobile advertising. Partners are also offered free sessions for keeping up with PPC best practices, ensuring that they are constantly up to date with any changes in AdWords.

Your Google partner brings this knowledge to the benefit of your business, only using strategies that they know are proven to be efficient in AdWords and PPC campaigns.

Kickoff your PPC and online marketing campaign with only the best. Contact 360 Business Local at (416) 619-7935 and see the difference working with a Google Partner can make.
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