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Beating Big Companies SEO: A Small Business

As a small business, tackling the big guns in your respective industry in terms of SEO can be a seemingly impossible task. Competing with a website that has years, traffic, and content over your website seems impossible, but it can be done. As a small business, there are actually opportunities that you can utilize that larger corporations cannot. Get an edge on the competition today with our fool-proof guide and boost your SEO strategy today with 360 Business Local by reading below!


  • Versatility


One huge, and often overlooked, advantage as a small business is the nimbleness that comes with the status. Being able to test ideas and concept is easy in small businesses, especially when compared to the big guns in your industry. Big corporations will have 3 or more levels of managements to go through for approval when testing out new ideas and concepts. Small teams and businesses can get this process done much more quickly and efficiently.


  • The Niche Appeal


While it might be difficult to rank for broad and unspecific services or products, you have the ability to outrank huge corporations if you have a more niche and specific service. Say, for example, you own a cosmetics line; you might have trouble tackling a big corporation such as M·A·C Cosmetic for general cosmetic Google queries, but if you narrow your focus to a specific kind of cosmetic, you can outrank them. Maybe organic mood changing lipsticks are your calling?


  • Long Tail Keywords


Tackling short and high volume searches might be futile, especially when your competition is already ranking for them. Instead, target more specific long tail keywords. For cosmetics as an example, targeting “best long wearing liquid lipstick” might be more feasible than “best lipstick”. However, as always, do some research and make sure that these long tail keywords are at least used by your target audience.

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