Assessing Your SEO Program

Are your SEO programs and strategies benefiting your company? Finding out does not have to be difficult, and knowing what does and does not work for your company is vital for expanding your online presence. Now is as good a time as ever to review your goals and analyze the performance of your SEO program – read on to find out how!

Compare and Contrast

Sign on to your analytics platform and pick a time frame. The start of 2015 to the present is a good range to begin with. Compare this data to a previous time period. How does it compare?

  • Finding pivotal information about your SEO program, such as overall traffic and other key performances, will help you assess your successes and failures.

If you are unsure on how to check for this information, simply go to the left hand column, scroll down and click on Acquisition, and proceed to All Traffic and Channels. Doing this will reload the screen on the right hand side and will now display updated, daily traffic information. You can adjust the time range as you please in this screen.

Mobile Traffic Matters.. More Than Ever

Thanks to Mobilegeddon, the new Google search algorithm, taking a critical look at your SEO programs is more important than ever. If your mobile hits and traffic are low, take it as a sign that you need to improve and change your mobile strategy.

  • To see your mobile analytics, go to Audience, then Mobile, and finally Overview on the left hand side. Your centre screen will now reload and display your desktop, tablet, and mobile traffic data.

Is your mobile traffic improving or is it decreasing? Now is the time to optimize your website for mobile browsing, and neglecting to do so will result in lower SERP positions. If you notice a decline, read about how to improve your mobile friendliness.

New, Returning, and Referral Hits

Compare and contrast your new site visitors, returning site visitors, and referred site visitors. Compare these to your last period, and assess which numbers are up or down.

  • Again, go to the Audience section and select Overview, which will update the information on your sites hits and visitors.

Here, you can also see referral traffic. Are you performing up to par on Google or Google Maps? If your traffic is down, now is the time to further optimize your website and work on your SEO program.

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