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Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Over the past couple of years, artificial intelligence advancements have dominated in the technology industry. Between image recognition and digital assistants integrated in homes and cell phones, artificial intelligence is literally and virtually everywhere we go.

72% of businesses find AI to be a business advantage. As a business looking to dominate in online marketing, looking for ways to stay ahead of the game is key. Between your campaigns and social media tactics, your company needs more than the generic methods to tap into new markets and attract engagements. Furthermore, to understand the technology and ability of AI will benefit your company.

Keep reading to learn how knowledge about artificial intelligence in marketing can benefit your brand:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the study of intelligence of machines and their capability of solving problems as well or better than people can. It takes into account the environment and its interactions, producing a successful attempt to achieve goals.

Machines are becoming increasingly powerful and capable of tasks, requiring less of people input. Without being programmed to learn, machines are looping the task of acquiring knowledge on their own. For example, when this technology was new, people would feed the system pictures of cats and dogs to teach the machine differences, patterns, and identification. Eventually, the differences were evident to the machine which is how it continues to develop sorting and image recognition technology.

How does Artificial Intelligence tie into Marketing?

With AI, marketing is transformed and it becomes more than just the capability of machines but rather leveraging consumer data with AI to learn and anticipate your target market’s movements and demands. It is an integral part of staying ahead of the game to learn how you can tie in your tactics with these advancements. For example, artificial intelligence does a good job with big data and comprehending those large sets of information with minimal manual work.

Elements of AI in Marketing

Big Data

Branching off of the previous point, since the span of big data can be so large, a marketer’s ability to segment and interpret the data may take a long time whereas artificial intelligence can sort it immediately and ensure the data that needs to be delivered, is done through the correct medium to the correct recipient.

Machine Learning

When it comes to successful marketing campaigns, collecting data is important but difficult to manage. This is when marketers use machine learning to interpret the large data – whether it be identifying trends or common occurrences, this information is vital so that they can predict consumer behaviour, responses and reactions for their products or services.

Powerful Solutions

Artificial intelligence creates a platform for understanding the world and the data that surrounds it in a clear way to humans. All the concepts and ideas that we have developed over the years can be understood by AI in seconds. As it continues to develop, interpreting emotion and communication is becoming popular and is slowly becoming integrated into our everyday tech.

Marketers can look at this as a method of changing social media functions and interpreting even the minor data that can be pivotal in consumer behaviour. As artificial intelligence continues to grow, it will be smarter in identifying the needs and wants of target mar   

Benefits of AI in Marketing

Quick Searches

Artificial intelligence assists businesses’ marketing components but the tech also leverages that accessibility for our consumers. As marketers tweak their algorithms and understandings, the development on the market side is growing as well. AI is able to adjust and analyze these quick searches and information findings which further interprets consumer behaviour.

Ad Development

Branching off of that, the marketing techniques used are now able to be more than just simple ads placed on popular sites. AI provides analysis about the methods that online advertisements can be used more effectively and will have the most engagement. In addition, since AI is able to detect behaviour and responses more precisely now, targeting markets with relevant ads will make a big difference. This ensures that instead of a bombarding feeling, your brand produces a integrated flow of advertising.

Get ahead of the game, learn how online marketing is continuously changing and use it to your company’s advantage. Contact our team in Markham for more information.

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