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Analyzing and Managing SEO Expenses in 2016

Have you been combing through internet search results trying to find affordable web marketing companies? It’s no easy task in the modern marketplace, where many companies are happy to upsell cookie-cutter SEO templates under the guise of “premium packages” to unsuspecting clients. In this article, we break down the SEO spending forecast from now until 2020, and suggest some budget-friendly alternatives.

SEO is a tricky commodity because it’s something that many business owners don’t really understand. For some, this makes it hard to justify spending on intangible “digital marketing” tasks. For others, it makes them vulnerable to overspending, assuming that more expensive packages equate to better results.

Calculating the SEO Spending Boom

If you’re a small business owner who’s prone to overspend, you picked a bad time to court web marketing companies, according to one study. A recent report from Borrell Associates stated that the totality of business spending on web marketing companies’ services will fall somewhere around the $613-billion mark in 2016. This staggering amount breaks down as follows:

  • Online ad production – 17%
  • Online marketing support – 12.2%
  • Online public relations – 9.3%
  • Online consulting and research – 8.9%
  • Web presence – 52.5%

SEO is represented as “web presence” in this breakdown, though ad production, marketing support, public relations (i.e. reputation management, social media engagements, etc), and consulting and research are really all part of the process, too.

Managing your SEO Expenses in 2016

How in the world have web marketing companies invoiced such incredible amounts of money? In truth, the answer is less conspiratorial and exciting than we’d hope, as big-brand companies simply require massive budgets to compete with other industry giants.

But small business owners are playing in a different league than the Coca Colas of the world, and your SEO spending should reflect that. It’s in your best interest to find a dedicated web marketing company willing to custom-build a service package that suits your budget, and that’s exactly what we offer at 360 Business Local. You can find out more about our full suite of cost-effective SEO packages by visiting We will be happy to offer you a free consultation – just call 416-619-7935.

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