4 Ways to Tailor Your Content to Target Specific Prospect Personas

If you’ve worked with Google marketing companies before, you probably already know that there is a direct relationship between your copy and your conversion rates. If your site depends on e-commerce or SaaS, you’d better pay attention to the quality and clarity of your content.

In today’s post, the 360 team shares 4 techniques Google marketing companies use to target specific users, persuade prospects to convert, and foster long-lasting relationships with customers.  

Identify and Target Ideal Prospect Personas

Most of the prospects who visit your site will belong to one or more of the following “persona” classifications. Choose your desired audience and apply the following copy tips:

  • Logical: Somebody with a “logical” persona will be meticulous, detail-oriented, and governed by reason. They will weigh the pros and cons of a purchase carefully, shop around for better deals, and think through every possible outcome before they commit to hitting the “Buy” button. This characterization makes up 40-50% of your audience.

    When writing copy for this personality type, emphasize features and include as much detail as you can bear. But avoid using fluffy language!
  • Impulsive: Impulsive prospects takes risks, live life on the edge, and stay optimistic about how things will turn out. They are more likely to buy, and their thinking emphasizes the benefits of their purchase rather than the drawbacks. Expect roughly 30% of your audience to fall into this category.

    Stress the benefits of your product and embrace your creative side with rich imagery and words that evoke emotion in the description. Try to create a fun and exciting narrative around your product to appeal to the impulsive thinkers in your audience.
  • Caring: Carers are the empathic people concerned with the wellbeing of others. Accordingly, they will only consider your offer when it helps others. This prospect will take a careful look at your company’s ethics, so make sure that your About Us page showcases any contributions you make to the environment or community. 10-15% of your audience will be made up of carers.

    Write your copy in a way that emphasizes the moral, social, environmental, and community benefits of your product or company.
  • Aggressive: Aggressive prospects are laser-focused on their own self-improvement, and they are highly rational thinkers. They live by high standards of integrity and will expect the same from your company. 5-7% of the population are aggressive prospects.

    Emphasize how the purchase can help aggressive prospects improve themselves. Take time to explain the technology that drives your main features, and stress how this technology helps the buyer improve their performance.  

Interested in learning more about how your company’s content can target specific prospect personas? Get in touch with our content marketing team at or call us today at (416)-619-7935 to learn more!

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