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4 Top-100 Brand Behaviours to Help your YouTube Marketing Campaign

Google marketing companies in Ontario have long since been aware of the value of YouTube as a vehicle for advertising and audience engagement. The logic behind this isn’t hard to see; as a general rule, video content captivates viewers more than dense blocks of text, as it stimulates their audio and visual senses as well.

Recently, Google marketing companies have received information about YouTube’s Top-100 Brands that could change the way that advertisers operate. These metrics reveal important information about best practices to observe when using YouTube as a platform to showcase your business. If you want to be the best, you’d better start acting like the best!

Read on to learn 4 tips from a Google marketing company to help you fine-tune your YouTube promotional campaign.

Overall Stats – the Big Picture

  • There are currently 2.4K YouTube channels active. You need yours to stand out among them.
  • YouTube has over 40-BILLION channel views, with 611K brand videos. You need to know how to compete with this kind of volume.
  • YouTube viewership is growing. There has been a 55% growth charter between May of 2014 and May of 2015 in YouTube views. This trend is very exciting for business owners looking to increase their visibility. The amount of subscribers has growing from 49-million to a whopping 72-million, a +47% change.

Top-100 Brand Behaviours

  • Top-100 brands collectively upload a new video every 18.5 minutes. This kind of activity is extremely impressive, and can be hard to match for small companies and sole proprietorships who don’t hire on Google marketing companies to help.
  • 10% of the top 100 brand videos are 10 minutes or longer. Though most viewers prefer shorter, less time-consuming clips while browsing, engaged audiences may want more in-depth content, and top-100 brands have recognized this. In response to this demand, brands are investing in creating longer-form, made-for-YouTube content. You should inquire with your Google marketing company about the pros and cons of long and short videos, and tailor your YouTube strategy accordingly.
  • Top-100 brands have recognized that Thursday is the most popular uploading date, followed closely by Tuesday and Wednesday. Seeding content mid-week capitalizes on search performance for higher-traffic weekends. If you work with a Google marketing company in Ontario, there is a very good chance that they will target this same release window to take advantage of mid-week viewers, and establish their content for the weekend rush.
  • Top-100 brands get many more likes than dislikes. Google showed a sharp contrast between likes and dislikes when assessing Top Brands. 8.9-million dislikes were dwarfed by 90-million likes. This is over 10x the amount of “likes” (or positive feedback) than “dislikes” (or negative feedback). The implications of these statistics are quite clear – they tell us that quality content rules. Top-100 brands are highly visible because they have something to offer their audiences. Whether it is do-it-yourself advice, entertainment, product reviews, or authentic testimonials, top-100 brands know that quality content is key.

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