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4 Steps Web Marketing Companies Use to Make Better Landing Pages

Landing pages are the marquee for your company’s brand message. If you can’t capture your audience’s attention, explain the need for your product or service, and present a compelling offer within moments of them touching down, they’ll bounce back into the internet abyss and forget your site tab ever existed.

If you’ve ever wondered how web marketing companies put together high-performance landing pages, the following 4-step breakdown is for you. Read on for a landing page tutorial that will attract new customers and impress your clientele.

Communicate with your clients.

The best web marketing companies ask their clients a lot of questions during the landing page development process. If you want to amp up your landing page project’s time- and cost-efficiency, corner your client on the phone; exhaustive email chains will only drag out this Q-and-A. Ask them the following questions:

  • Can you tell me every service your company offers?
  • What are the major towns and cities that your company serves?
  • How would you describe a typical client?
  • What are some common questions or requests you get from customers?
  • Do you have any tips for particular cities? Is there anything we should know about the laws, weather, terrain, or city codes that we should implement into the copy?
  • Do you offer any specials or satisfaction guarantees?
  • What distinguishes your business from its competitors?
  • Who are your company’s main competitors?

As you work through these questions, pay attention not only to what your client is telling you, but how they’re telling you. Their tone, vocabulary, and “passion points” should all be incorporated into the copy where possible.

Launch a reconnaissance mission.

Once you’ve compiled notes from the client call, it’s time for some recon work. Leading web marketing companies will pay their competitors virtual visits to assess the content quality, usability, and usefulness. They’ll scan for weak points that can be exploited and improved on in their own copy, and try to understand the landing page strengths to reverse-engineer their success. Take note of what you like and dislike, and jot down any keywords you see being targeted.

Transmute your sloppy notes into super copy.

Now it’s time for some advertising alchemy. Draw heavily from your notes and develop a compelling introduction that builds deficiency in the reader and introduces the client’s services in each city. Try to pose and address at least one common customer question on every landing page, and give specific tips that are unique to the city in question. The city page copy shouldn’t read like a mass-produced piece of content whose city names are swapped out.

Find some compelling (but appropriate) visuals.

Stock photos typically aren’t your friend when you’re trying to craft a compelling landing page. You want to engage audiences in that city, so local pictures are good; photos of the business location in that city are even better. The best web marketing companies contact their clients for pictures of their business, or before-and-after photos of projects.

Cater your visual strategy to your client. If they don’t work in an industry with particularly compelling visuals (plumbing, assembly-line manufacturing, or tax accounting), visuals are less important. Even a stock photo of a plumber at work or posing in front of the city sign will be enough. However, if your client works in home staging, window cleaning, or landscaping, it makes sense to show off their services.

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