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3 Reasons ECommerce Companies Choose SEO

When you own an Ecommerce site, you can almost convince yourself that your products are doing your advertising for you. Manufacturers and developers commit huge budgets to get word of their new product out there, but that doesn’t mean you get to rest on your laurels while users hunt down your web shop.

Don’t think that carrying a popular brand or product is all you need to attract customers, because it’s not! There are many competitors out there selling the same or similar product, but doing so from an ecommerce platform that they have invested time and money into building as a reputable shop. If you don’t embrace some SEO strategies, your shop will easily be overlooked.  Ecommerce business owners consider SEO every day looking for an edge – do you think you can compete with them if you ignore organic traffic generation strategies?

Straight from the lips 360, here are three reasons your ecommerce site needs to optimize itself now!

  • Organic search is a huge revenue stream. Just open your analytics tool and see for yourself. Most of your traffic, sales, and conversions as an ecommerce shop owner will be driven from organic sources. Profit-producing traffic comes predominantly from Google, and if you are not making it easier for customers to find you with this platform, then you’re making it harder on your business. Search engines are a huge part of most people’s purchase decision-making processes these days, so take the time to boost your SEO rating from “average” to “good.”
  • SEO is extremely cost-effective. The benefit of organic over paid traffic is obvious – it’s “free” in the sense that you aren’t paying per click, conversion, or impression. The truth is that a smart SEO strategy can help you dominate a market even when you’re working with small budgets and limited resources. 
  • SEO has an infinite shelf life. SEO does not reset every year like most other forms of marketing – rather, it builds upon itself over time. If you stop your SEO at any time, it doesn’t mean that your customers will abruptly stop streaming in. What’s done is done in the search-optimization world – granted, Google is an animal that likes to be fed regularly, but any bit of SEO investment will help you in the future. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

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