1 Simple Way to Boost Content Conversion: Understanding the ‘Active Voice’

When it comes to optimizing your online content, the old saying that “actions speak louder than words” comes to mind. Though our content can’t physically take action, it can inspire action when written properly. Properly-written content is a key to the success of our web marketing company in Markham, and it could help your business thrive too. When written properly, your content can even help your site perform better in site performance tests.

Unfortunately, many companies lose out on potential business because of one costly mistake made by their copywriters.

This article will share a method of effectively doubling your content’s action-causing power by equipping your copywriter with one important tonal tweak. Read on to learn a simple content secret from a web marketing company in Markham!

The active and passive voice.

Writing your content in a passive voice costs you money. This is a bold statement to make, but it’s true; just look at how much more engaging that topic sentence was than the one used in the last paragraph of the previous section.

To get grammatical for a moment, it is the role that the subject plays in the sentence that makes all the difference. Copywriters write with an active voice when they make the subject take action in the sentence, like this. Alternately, the subject has an action performed on it, which communicates the copywriter’s content in a “passive” voice, like this.

An article reporting about conversions metrics might say: “The promotion was ignored by the customers,” in a passive voice. Alternately, it could be written as “All the customers ignored the offer,” in the active voice.

What are the benefits of the active voice?

The active voice is crucial for good content. Web marketing companies across Canada prescribe this style.

  • The active voice is concise. Concise content causes conversions. Concise content is easier to digest. The active voice also makes droning corporate jargon hard to pull off, which is great news for your audience.
  • The active voice is energetic. The active voice is robust, as the name suggests. Your readers have more fun consuming content written this way.
  • The active voice inspires action. Your readers picture themselves taking action when consuming content in the active voice. Strong imagery and an active voice can really boost conversions, and isn’t that why you write content in the first place? Short, actionable words that target the reader are best for CTAs – a “start your free trial” button always outperforms one that says only “submit.”

Boost your content by using an active voice. It really works – take it from a Markham web marketing company with years of experience.

360 has taken advantage of the active voice in a number of content marketing campaigns to produce impressive results. To learn more or inquire about our content creation services, visit our Content Marketing page at and see why we’re one of the most sought-after web marketing companies in Markham!


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