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Our SEO and digital marketing firm in Calgary can assist you. At 360 Business Local, we specialize in traffic targeting and optimization to give businesses around the world the ability to build better business in the Internet Age. We offer a blend of technical skills, literary expertise, and social media-savvy under one roof, giving your company everything its needs to engage audiences in a competitive virtual climate.

360 pushes your business to:

  • Post engaging content to build bigger audiences and push specific products, services, and promotions
  • Build and manage an impressive online reputation
  • Trigger talks about your brand on social media platforms
  • Create better, user-friendly websites to wow visitors and influence conversions
  • Gain high-performing spots in Google search listings
  • Plan your big-picture business strategy and calculate the campaign’s cost-effectiveness with detailed monthly reports
  • And much more!

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Does Your Business Need SEO?

In today’s business climate, marketing is the key to monetization. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got products or services that seem to “sell themselves;” if you’re not marketing, you’re not selling at the level you should be. Today, over 85% of searches for products and services occur online, which means the majority of your marketing focus should be online. If you’re not bringing attention to your brand message on the internet, you’re missing valuable business opportunities.

Unfortunately, your business will have to deal with some competition: you won’t be the first one to try and create a web presence. If you want your company to stand out among its competitors, you’ll need to optimize your online visibility and traffic targeting strategies.

Most business owners simply cannot pull their focus away from their company’s daily duties long enough to learn and deploy SEO best practices, especially when Google algorithms, penalties, and reward systems are always being changed. That’s the real value that we offer: our SEO company in Calgary lets you focus on building your business while we worry about polishing your online presence.

How can 360 help build my business?

360 Business Local specializes in online traffic targeting and optimization from both organic and paid sources. We work with our client’s budgets to develop custom marketing plans that suit their specific products, services, and industry.

Our focus is on generating sales for your business by managing and interpreting traffic across multiple platforms, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, mobile, industry-specific forums, and Tier-2 ads. Our team is made up of marketing managers, Google campaign strategists, and anchor content specialists. Our full-service suite emphasizes strong content development, website optimization, keyword building, and bad link removal to deliver a comprehensive internet marketing plan capable of generating measurable improvements for your company.

Our process is fluid and adaptive; we inform our process through strategizing, planning, reporting, and analyzing results, continually refining our approach until our objectives have been met. After we’ve studied the search behaviours of relevant audiences, we reverse-engineering the success of the competition to identify (and expand upon) the highest contributors to their online visibility. Once these variables have been isolated, we push past the competition, positioning your business in front of action-taking audiences, before we restart the cycle of monitoring, improving, retargeting, and analyzing our results once again.

Our dedicated SEO company in Calgary is currently managing multiple accounts around the world in the Technology, Tourism, Medical, Financial, Real Estate, Education, and Legal industries. We custom-build marketing plans for our clients to build packages that include:

  • Google traffic analysis
  • Google+ page optimization
  • On-Site search optimization
  • Market research, strategy, and planning
  • Organic marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Landing page development
  • Industry-specific forum engagement
  • Online reputation management
  • Responsive website design
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • YouTube channel design & management
  • Classified advertisements
  • Bridge marketing

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