google_business_photos_legendChances are you have used Google Maps before and its feature of Google street view. Whether it was to look for a local business or to get directions. Over 50% of searches done on Google today are local. For example “The best Italian restaurant in Toronto”. How can you as a local business maximize your visibility and turn site traffic into physical traffic. The answer is Google Business Photos.

What is Google Business Photos

It is a service that continues on from where Google Street view leaves off. A Google trusted photographer will come to your business and take photos of the inside. Then just like in Google Street View potential customers will be able to take a 360 degree virtual tour of your business all through their computer. This will lead to maximum exposure and make your business stand out from the competition. By paying a one time fee your business will be connect from the Google search to Google maps to Google business photos. This also gives Google a double conformation of your business being at a certain location.

The Benefits of Google Business Photos

1. Higher Ranking with Google- A double conformation of your business being at a real location will allow for your business to rise higher in Google map search. This is also very important for people using smart phones for their search. 2. Virtual Presence- Your current or potential customers can now take a 360 degree virtual tour of your business all from a computer, tablet or smart phone. 3. Differentiation- Your business will have a unique cutting edge advantage over your competition. 4. Become connected- This service connects seamlessly with other Google services that includes Google search, Google maps and Google+. You cannot judge a business by its storefront. Show off and open up your business to all those potential customers by using Google business photo. Connect with us today, to schedule your Google Business Photography