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360 believes in the power of connectivity. Our tech-savvy team is comprised of individuals with industry experience in social media, content & web development, publishing, editorial, videography, web design, advertisement & marketing strategies, mobile application development.

We are a hybrid firm that understands and caters to the varying needs and objectives of the businesses we work with. Cross-channel digital marketing service begins with understanding your customer.

We are experts at employing the world wide web as a means of elevating our clients’ business model. Our talented staff employ their extensive backgrounds and insights into providing a solutions-based service that is customized to the individual needs of the business.

Our market research team uses reliable, trusted methods and data as a means to present you with clear and concise insights into your customer’s needs, thus generating and driving traffic to your website. We will illustrate to you the motives and tendencies of your audience in real time and utilize these insights to create powerful campaigns that will target and engage your audience.

At 360 Business Marketing Inc, we make sure all 360 angles are covered:

Brand Strategy: Evaluate, analyze and synthesize the personality and meaning of the brand to develop holistic strategic thinking.

Marketing Strategy: Identify the right mix and proportion of touch points for audience interactions based on the brand strategy.

Program & Campaign Strategy: Develop holistic plans for creating, re-using, distributing and managing content across bought, earned and owned media.


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