360 SPECIALIZES IN TRAFFIC TARGETING AND OPTIMIZATION IN ORDER TO DELIVER YOUR BUSINESS WITH CLIENT LEADS. As much as 30%-50% of all online marketing campaigns waste valuable dollars on “garbage traffic” that generates no action! We improve conversions, signals, and sales by analyzing and managing both paid and organic traffic.

360 integrates conversions! one budget for your entire online marketing campaign. Daily management, experienced and responsive. 

Many of our customers experienced Search Engines Optimization (SEO) before joining 360 and saw their rankings on Google go up to one of the top pages. Their process took 6-12 months and resulted in improved site visibility. However with the many algorithm updates from Google. It was not just the cost of the SEO that made them explore other options, it was also the fact they patiently had to wait for 6-12 months to see the results. Beyond the waiting, some business’ had to later deal with Google algorithmic and manual penalties to do with the work that was done for them by their SEO company.

Do I Need 360?

Our service plans are designed for all size businesses that target local market(s) for revenues. We work proactively with your team to form an online marketing strategy that works best for your own business. We often start by studying the search behavior of your audiences, reverse engineer your competition to understand what contributes (%) the most to their success online, correctly position your products and services in front of the most likely to convert audiences, then monitor and analyze results. The 360 process is specifically based on the study of what motivates your audiences to take action, time frame, shopping, compare, review, trust, influence and the decision making process. When required we also redesign your website and create content to facilitate a successful campaign that leads to conversions. Our clients are either the business itself or a marketing agency looking for an affordable budget to test which campaign will drive the most business for branding, other clients are looking for a hassle free, one budget, full service marketing agency to quickly and responsively take them through the work required to provide them with a lucrative and targeted visibility along with business leads and conversions. Can you benefit from 360? New York City Google

360 Technical Marketing Agency Services

If you own a marketing agency and want to efficiently work with a single technical provider who is able to offer strategy,market intelligence, multi-platform advertising and re-marketing using a single budget as well as achieve organic rankings through a procedure that was designed to work well cohesively with the latest search algorithms – you want 360 on your side. 360 offers a fast and professional range of online marketing services, smart packaged procedure designed to generate high and immediate visibility as well as web motivate audiences over time to take pre-defined actions such as registration, applications, contact forms and more. Immediate results is what your customers want to see, and it is what 360 is all about. Speak with us today, start tomorrow!

Why Consider 360?

Well executed marketing campaigns are all about strategy, planning, objectives, reporting, analyzing results, improving, and management.

If you had all the time to perfectly perform that abundance work, you would not likely be reading about 360. Since you are, we can safely assume you have made and attempt at doing this yourself and it consumed too much of your time, or you outsourced to a number of companies that did not work well together and you are now looking for another option.

Another great reason to work with 360 is that we deliver fast results, usually within the first 2 months so you can tell that 360 is working for you. Our service agreement is on a month to month basis, this means you work with us for only as long as you benefit from our work.  

We don’t believe in patching up mistakes, we deal with them. The most common question we are being asked is why we don’t promote the use of landing pages that are essentially designed to bypass challenges with the site pages, as an example when the site does not offer a specific page for people who are searching for a specific service. Over 70% of campaigns fail to meet their objectives because the site is not engaging and a high bounce rate (%) is one of the Google signals and often results in lower rankings on search as well as low quality score on AdWords leading to higher bids (CPC) and lower visibility (impressions). Any single effort that does not come with real business experience and that is not reflected throughout the campaign is likely to cost money, not generate revenues.

360 Business Marketing delivers a complete Internet marketing strategy designed to generate business opportunities and revenues not only increased traffic to the website. We specialize in the search behavior of local audiences from search to conversion.

What Deliverables Are Included With My 360 Campaign?

Your single budget will be used to deliver results.

  1. Size of the local market opportunity – is your product in demand? Who is searching for it? Search behavior, search opportunities, what motivates people to take action from search to leads, which devices are used to search.
  2. Reverse engineer what contributes most to the online success of your immediate competition and implement the knowledge into your campaign.
  3. Redesign – Conversion analysis and redesign, integrating the 360 leads tracking (web and mobile), copy, content, graphics, video.
  4. Display ads – Design, copy and testing (which ones perform best).
  5. Video commercial – Will be used for paid advertising and remarketing.
  6. Organic marketing – When perfectly synchronized with paid advertising it has demonstrated outstanding results.
  7. Remarketing – Web influence your targeted audiences to return to your site and convert to leads on our system.
  8. Monitoring and analyzing ongoing results.
  9. Tracking and reporting.


360 Believes in Brand Visibility 

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We all want to dominate the market, be everywhere, all the time…but small or big we can’t always afford that. At 360 we believe in laser targeting the most relevant demographics and only get in front of those who are in the process of considering services and products your business is offering, so that we are more likely to generate revenues not just clicks and impressions.

Visibility starts with display ads that best represents your campaign objectives, whether it is to brand your name or to trigger an action. Our display ads are tracked for conversions, these are a predefined set of rules we implement to monitor the contribution and success of each of our campaigns. 

A conversion can be when a customer clicks on a display ad and completes an action on your website which is a result of either Click-through conversion (CTC). View-through conversion (VTC) from those who saw a display ad and did not click, but later visited the advertiser’s site and converted (for example, did a search and visited the site). 

Display ads can influence purchase considerations with VTC reporting meaning you are able to measure the number of conversions that occurred within 30 days of your ad being seen. This allows you to see the true value of your display ad campaigns, it has a more relevant metric, allowing you to compare Google Display Network (GDN) performance against other networks and it helps you optimize your targeting based on post-impression and post-click actions.

After seeing display ads, almost equal amounts of users will search, as well as click on ads (20% vs. 31%). On average there is a 2.7 times* uplift in unique users visiting an advertiser’s website. (Source: Google Reports).


What Clients Say?